When Will I Get a Boyfriend? Quiz – Take This To Find Out When!

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    What’s your age?

    • 20s
    • Teen
    • Early 30s
    • Late 20s
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    Have you been in a romantic relationship before?

    • Yup I have
    • Not really
    • Casual dates only
    • Yes, several times
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    How long have you been single?

    • Longer than I remember
    • All my life, I guess
    • More than a year
    • A couple of months
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    How do you usually behave on a first date?

    • Just be me
    • Do I have to behave a certain way?
    • Decent
    • Polite/open-minded (one shouldn’t be fake)
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    You exchanged numbers on the first date. The other person promised they’d call back but failed to do so. What would you do?

    • Casually call them (if I really like this person)
    • Get mad at them and start bad-mouthing about them
    • Call it quits
    • Wait for several weeks before I call them and ask what’s going on
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    What do you usually feel when talking to a guy for the first time?

    • Confident
    • Hmmm, I don’t talk to guys
    • Nervous, but I gather myself pretty quickly
    • Shy at first
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    Choose an activity that you’d love to do with your boyfriend?

    • Cook meals together
    • Go to the movies and parties
    • Attend family gatherings together
    • Go on a hike or something
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    What’s that one quality you’re looking for in a man?

    • Maturity
    • Good looks
    • Good sense of humor
    • Ambitious
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    Is there anyone you have a crush on currently?

    • Kind of
    • Yes, several. But do they like me back?
    • Not really
    • Yes, I recently started talking to someone nice
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    What kind of relationship do you want your boyfriend to have with your family/friends?

    • They should be close and comfortable
    • I haven’t thought about that yet
    • My friends and family should like him, and vice versa
    • Friendly