Where Should I Live? Take This Quiz to Find Your Dream Destination!

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    What’s the worst thing about any community?

    • Too many restricting rules that are useless
    • Fear of foreigners and outsiders
    • Too many people that get into your business
    • Lack of diversity
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    What kind of food do you prefer?

    • Burgers, of course!
    • Pizza, mate.
    • Poutine
    • I love me some spicy food, even when it’s hot outside
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    Which drink do you prefer?

    • Soda
    • Tea
    • Wine
    • Masala Chai
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    What do you like most about exploring other cultures?

    • I like meeting women/men from other countries
    • What kinds of tea they can make
    • Mostly food
    • I like trying new things and understanding other cultures
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    What do you do most when you go to the beach?

    • I show off my body. That’s why I go to the gym, after all.
    • I wait in the car. The beach is too sandy for my taste.
    • I keep putting on sunscreen, of course
    • I check the beach to make sure there’s nobody I know before taking off my clothes
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    If you could visit any of these countries, which would you pick?

    • The US, as it’s a modern country where you can be whatever you want to be.
    • The UK, as they have great tea. Besides, I may get to see the Queen.
    • Canada, as it’s full of friendly people and open spaces.
    • India, as it’s as diverse and peaceful as they get.
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    Which of these makes you feel really secure?

    • Being able to be anything I want to be
    • Having plenty of tea bags in my kitchen
    • Being around friendly, helpful people
    • Knowing that everyone knows who I am
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    Which animal represents you?

    • The eagle. I’m a lone hunter who’s always above everyone else.
    • The wolf. I can’t function properly without my pack.
    • The horse. Freedom is all I care about.
    • The dog. I love my home and family and I’d do anything to protect them.
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    Which item would you want to have with you if you were isolated on a deserted island?

    • A weapon
    • Teabags
    • Sunscreen
    • A cell phone
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    Which stare would you visit if you had the chance?

    • Virginia, the seat of American history.
    • California, where fruit, wine, and tea come from.
    • Wyoming, where open spaces go as far as the eye can see.
    • South Florida, where you can never be too flashy.
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    What’s your definition of a romantic date?

    • A day trip to the city
    • A tea party
    • A quiet picnic away from the city
    • Camping under the stars
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    Which is the worst living condition for you?

    • Being surrounded by uneducated people
    • Living in a place where they don’t sell tea bags
    • Having too many unfriendly people around
    • Living in a place that’s no diversified
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    What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

    • Shopping
    • Sipping tea in the garden
    • I love anything that can be done outdoors
    • Meeting friends
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    Are you willing to pay wads of cash every time you see a doctor?

    • YES!
    • Nope
    • Nah
    • No
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    Which cultural event would you like to attend?

    • A political convention
    • A local history medium tour
    • Watching a meteor shower from the nearest park
    • A concert by my favorite brand (*coughs* Coldplay *coughs*)
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    Which career appeals to you the most?

    • Stay at home parent
    • Tea specialist
    • Farmer
    • Shopkeeper
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    Would you consider living abroad for a year if you were offered your dream job?

    • Of course!
    • If they have tea, I’m in!
    • Well, it depends on the location
    • I’d be willing to do it if I can take my family
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    How well do you adapt to new situations?

    • I’m versatile and can adapt to new situations quite easily
    • As long as I can sip my tea every morning, I can adapt to anything
    • It depends on the situation, really
    • I may need some time at first, but I can adapt to any situation
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    What’s the most important thing in a community?

    • Having things to do and see
    • Sharing the love for tea and tea parties
    • Being vibrant, progressive, and future-looking
    • Sharing the same social and religious values
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    What would you do if you saw a celebrity on the street?

    • I’d take tons of pictures and post them on social media
    • I’d greet them cordially and offer them tea
    • I’d try to act cool before failing miserably
    • I wouldn’t care much