Makeup Tips: Which Foundation Is Best for Me Quiz?

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    The most important question in the cosmetology world is what’s your skin type?

    • Don’t know
    • Dry
    • Oily
    • Combination
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    What kind of coverage are you aiming for?

    • Not sure
    • Lightweight
    • Buildable
    • Full
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    What kind of finish are you thinking about?

    • No clue
    • Matte
    • Natural
    • Luminous
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    What word would you describe your skin tone to be from the choices below?

    • No idea
    • Light
    • Tan
    • Dark
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    Do you get sunburns easily?

    • Sometimes
    • Yes always
    • No never experienced it
    • I have sunscreen makeup
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    What color are your wrist veins in the light?

    • What do you mean?
    • Blue or purplish veins indicate a cooler undertone.
    • Green- Blue veins indicate a warm undertone.
    • If you can’t see the veins then you are most likely a neutral undertone
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    What color of jewelry looks best against your skin?

    • Not entirely sure
    • Silver or rose gold
    • Gold
    • Both
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    Have you tried multiple brands of foundation before sticking to one?

    • I have a whole collection
    • I will switch up once in a while
    • Still have not found my match
    • I get bored of brands easily
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    How do you determine if a foundation color is right for you?

    • I just guess
    • I wait for it to disappear in my skin
    • Completely covers my acne
    • I like to be a shade darker or lighter than my skin tone
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    Do you spend a lot of your time outdoors?

    • I hate going outside
    • Yes I do
    • No I don’t
    • Sometimes when i’m bored/hungry
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    Do you wear foundation every day?

    • Rarely
    • Workdays only
    • Only when I go out
    • Everyday
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    Do you sweat easily?

    • I don’t notice.
    • Yes a hell lot
    • Nope
    • Only when I’m not at home
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    What color do you find yourself wearing often?

    • Everything
    • Dark
    • Vibrant colors
    • Neutral
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    Do you suffer from severe acne?

    • I don’t know
    • Sometimes they appear on my skin
    • No my body is acne free
    • Yes I suffer from severe acne
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    Do you touch up your makeup at least once during your day?

    • Don’t have time
    • No why would i even touch it?
    • Yes i touch it often
    • I touch it many times in the day till it looks perfect
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    What kind of makeup look do you go for on a regular basis?

    • I don’t have a preference
    • Natural
    • Modern
    • Extravagant
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    Do you value cruelty-free makeup foundation?

    • Don’t Care
    • Of course
    • I try
    • Only buy cruelty-free
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    How do you blend foundation?

    • My fingers
    • A sponge
    • A sponge
    • Silicone blender
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    How much are you willing to spend?

    • Less than $10
    • Between $10 – $40
    • More than $40
    • Don’t have a budget
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    Do you have any skin allergy?

    • Don’t know
    • No I don’t have any skin allergy
    • Yes I do have skin allergy
    • Sometimes they pop up

Written by Siddhesh Jain

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