Sims 4: How to Change Traits

Types of Traits in Sims 4

There are 4 main types of traits that exist in Sims 4. These are personality, death, bonus and reward.

These traits are learned from various interactions that the characters have during the game. Once, they are chosen, they can’t usually be changed directly through gameplay. 

Sims 4: How to Change Traits

Many players wish to change traits to change the way each character interacts in the Sims world. Luckily, it is fairly easy to change the traits of each character.

However as I mentioned above, once the traits have been chosen they can’t be changed through usual means in the game

Luckily, there is an easy solution for this. You will need to make use of the cheats console to change these traits.

CTRL + Shift + C will open up the cheats console, and from here you can type testingcheats on.

Once this has been entered you will need to type cas.fulleditmode. You will now need to esc the cheats console. 

You will now have the ability to start changing traits. Click shift and click on the character. Then you can click on modify in Cas.

This will bring up a menu when you can change traits, and anything else about the character such as looks and gender. It really is that simple to bring some fresh traits to any sims character that you like. 

Best Custom Traits Mods in Sim 4

There are also a variety of custom traits available for you to add. Below, you can have a look at some of the top custom traits mods that are well worth checking out in Sims 4

  • Guitar Legend
  • Artistic Prodigy 
  • Born Chef
  • Tech Genius 
  • Baby Maker


Closing Thoughts

Traits are one of the best game features, and all players should definitely make the most out of them. It should now be much clearer on navigating through Sims 4 and questioning how to change traits.

I hope you have fun controlling your sims and seeing the various circumstances that they land themselves in.