How to do the 1000 calorie workout at home

How to do the 1000 calorie workout at home

If you’re really keen on getting into shape, then cutting your calorie should be your top most priority. Losing weight should not be as difficult as many people want you to believe. If your goal is to cut calories healthily, but your schedule does not leave you enough time, then here are some exercises that can help you cut your calorie fast and achieve the 1000 calorie workout at home.

If you’re the ambitious type, who will instead opt to burn 1000 calorie workout at home, this is how I recommend you to do it in a sustainably and healthily way.

One can do the 1000 calorie workout at home if they follow a healthy diet and rigorous physical exercises.

I must warn you; that you do not need to cut down your meal calories at an insane level – doing so is not a good strategy, and this is why I am introducing you to these wonderful exercises to help you burn 1000 calories in a day.

Burn Calories with Stair Climbing

If you’re not a big fan of organizing exercises then you may instead opt for vigorous-intensity activities like climbing the stairs.

If you like to train daily and want to stay active throughout the day, stairs climbing is the ideal option. It is available to anyone who instead wants to burn so many calories to keep themselves fit and motivated.

According to fitness experts the intensity of stair climbing exercise is: “that It burns the same calories as spinning” if you do a quick stair climbing, the calorie burn will be higher.

However, as far as I know, there is no reason to increase speed because climbing at a normal rate is already a rigorous exercise.

Here are some reasons to include stair climbing to your 1000 calorie workout at home routine.

  • Stair climbing exercises are an easy and practical way to work out. It is also one of the daily activities that I engage in, and it entails the highest calorie expenditure.
  • You don’t need any special equipment or skill to climb the stairs.
  • Its side effect is very minimal. For instance, it’s not the ideal exercise for people suffering from joint problems, especially in the knee region. If you are not sure if this exercise is proper for you, it is advisable to consult your family doctor.
  • It’s a cardiovascular type of exercise that enhances muscular strength and helps with cardio respiratory endurance.
  • This cardio exercise can burn 1000 calories a day, if you do it for an hour while climbing the stairs. Also it’s the equivalent to twice the calories a person weighing 65 kilos would burn if they engage in running at a pace of 10 km/h.
  • It’s the ideal exercise to strengthen the quadriceps, glutes, and calves.

Jumping Exercises to do the 1000 calorie workout at home

Jumping is a complete exercise and helps to eliminate fat and keep the body in super shape. Jumping for 40 minutes can burn up to 1000 calories if done the right way.

This type of exercise is becoming mainstream in many popular gyms across the country. It is considered an effective workout to gain muscle strength and lose weight at the same time.

One reason this exercise is so popular is that it stimulates calorie expenditure via high-speed execution.

Therefore, jumping exercises are the ideal exercise for muscle definition and to burn calories without putting at risk the other muscles of the body.

Some Exercises to help you burn 1k calories a day include:

Rope Jumping

This is an intense full-body exercise. It helps the leg muscles jump, making the core keep its balance while the arm works to rotate the rope.

How to jump rope

The first thing you will need for proper rope jumping is a good rope. For instance, if you opt for a plastic rope, it’s easier to hold, and it circles faster than the cotton rope.

Once you’ve made a rope selection, make sure it is adjusted to suit your height. You can easily find a suitable rope when you stand in the middle of the rope, and you stretch the rope to your arm-pit.

You also need to keep your elbow a bit bent while jumping. Your hands should be around your hip height and arms close to your sides.

Also, it would help if you used the balls of your feet for landing, and you need to keep your feet close to the ground when performing this exercise.

Type of rope jumping

Basic Rope Jump

This is a HIIT workout routine, and you’ll be skipping as fast as you can for 60 seconds and a rest interval of 30-60 seconds. You can do various jumping styles like sticking to regular jumps, double under, or even a high knee jump.


  • 30 seconds of intense jumping with as many reps as you can muster
  • 30-60 second’s rest
  • Repeat 5-10 times.

others jumping exercises include:

Tuck Jumps: consists of jumping, raising both knees to the chest as high as possible. For this, the idea is to start and finish the jump with the knees bent to cushion the impact when we fall with both feet to the ground. With this, you work your legs and abdomen, in addition to burning calories.

Box Jumps: an exercise widely used in CrossFit. It works intensely on the middle area of the body, legs, and buttocks; that usually stretches with a jump. Position the whole body on a box, bench or step.

Plyometric push-ups: ideal for strengthening arms and chest while burning calories.

They consist of doing push-ups and moving through a jump in this position. Lift your hands off the ground with an impulse and hit both hands before returning to the ground for support.

Jumping planks: comprises moving in a plank or abdominal bridge position, jumping to one side and the other of our body, constantly moving it as a whole using a small impulse that takes us off the ground for a few seconds. It is ideal for working shoulders, abs, lower back, and legs while burning calories.

Benefits of jumping exercises

Some specific benefits that we can find in these routines are:

  • Activates and stimulates our lymphatic system.
  • Strengthen the nervous system and release serotonin, which helps combat depression and decrease stress.
  • It reduces body fat, and this is very beneficial for diabetes.
  • Provides aerobic strength to the heart.
  • strengthen the capability of respiration and oxygen circulation.
  • Helps inhibit cardiovascular condition by normalizing blood pressure.
  • Boost’s activities and production of red blood cells.
  • Lessens the level of cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Stimulates the metabolism.
  • Reduces the risks of obesity.
  • It helps in relaxation, digestion and enhances the quality of sleep.
  • It strengthens bone density.
  • Helps ward off arthritis.
  • Ideal for people suffering from diabetics as it reduces body fat


The jumping exercises are difficult to perform because although we all know how to jump; an excellent technique is required to prevent injuries and perform practical muscular work.

Other exercises to burn 1000 calories a day:

Riding a Cycle

This is another exercise, effective and very complete. It can burn about 1200 calories in an hour pedaling at high intensity and on terrain that presents changes and requires distinct effort and difficulty. In one hour, with a medium-low intensity, a flat terrain can also burn about 300 calories.


They are exercises that comprise doing a combination of squat, bending, and jumping. It is high intensity and a person who is not used to this exercise cannot do more than 5 or 6 in a row, but if we do about 7 in a minute, we can burn about ten calories.


The best of this exercise is that calories are still burned after practicing it. You can burn about 13 calories per minute. Ideally, do 6-7 sets of 20 reps, resting for a few seconds between each set.

So, you see, doing the 1000 calorie workout at home is very possible if you put your heart to it. The only downside to doing this is when you also cut so much calories from your meal, then it is going to be very difficult to achieve this journey when your strength is compromised.