What Is Solutiontales in a Nutshell?


Solutiontales is a blogzine that aims at making your entrepreneurial journey less tiring by covering various topics such as start-ups, technology, lifestyle, and money-making methods. Not only that, but I also try to curate the best addicting quizzes from all over the web to get you hooked to knowledge while being fully-entertained.


Who am I?

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My name is Siddhesh Jain, and I’m the founder and owner of Solutiontales. I spent a good number of years pioneering the idea of an all-in-solution for entrepreneurs, and start-up founders by crafting this blog to cater to the reader’s needs.


After getting my Accounting and Finance degree, I couldn’t stop myself from learning, so I completed a three-year LLB course and cleared all of my CFP exams. Till this day, I’m still constantly researching and learning about technology and lifestyle trends, because I believe that knowledge is a never-ending endeavor.

Recently, I’ve been featured in an article published on Forbes, the famous magazine. Also my interview was published on Bitgog a platform which publishes successful Entrepreneurs stories. Most people would consider that to be a great achievement. Well, it sure is, but for me, it’s more of a proof that I’m on the right path and that my message is loud and clear, which is what Solutiontales is all about: to prove that you can talk the talk no matter what.



Embrace what you don’t know, especially in the beginning, because what you don’t know can become your greatest asset. It ensures that you will absolutely be doing things different from everybody else.

Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx


How it All Started?


Armed with a clear vision and vast knowledge in different fields like Finance, Law, Entrepreneurship and Online Money Making, I launched Solutiontales on 19th of March, 2019. I pioneered the idea after noticing that most money-making guides on the internet lacked the experience touch. Everything was available for the readers, but nothing was based on real-life experience.

Through my words and articles, I try to help young entrepreneurs and knowledge seekers by sharing my own experience in different fields and pointing out the mistakes that one should avoid to achieve success.

Unlike most self-proclaimed gurus, I’m a jack of almost all trades, master of many, and so can you be. I’ve done several internships and held different positions in different start-ups, including my own. My tips reflect my personal experience, including both my successes and failures, which is why I believe that I’m best suited to help start-ups and business owners, such as yourself, flourish and shine in this world.


We learn from failure, not from success!

Bram Stoker, Dracula


Why Should You Become a Part of the Solutiontales Community?


It’s simple, really. The Solutiontales community can benefit both individuals and brands. Here’s why Solutiontales is the best one-stop solution for marketers, businesses, and entrepreneurs (both new and veteran ones):

If you’re an individual, you can get your foot in the door the right way through my well-researched pieces of knowledge that I share freely for everyone to benefit from. My articles cover different aspects of the entrepreneurial world, including tech, start-ups, and lifestyle. To help you make your newly-acquired knowledge stick, you can go through the addicting quizzes that I’ll be sharing constantly.

I’ll be sharing various start-up stories and covering how they started, how they kept ahead of the pack in their fields and niches, and how they’re planning to strengthen their brands. In the business world, I believe that case studies can be a real sleeve up any founder’s sleeve, which is why such stories can benefit you greatly as a new business owner.

If you’re a brand, you can achieve high rankings on the Solutiontales dashboard, which will result in great brand awareness and recognition by global audiences. Furthermore, you can boost your brand and your business in the eyes of the readers by getting your brand reviewed or advertised here.


Can I Really Help You Earn Up To 10 to 1000 (And More) Dollars Every Month?


Yes, I can.

After many years of trial and error, I came to a great conclusion; Most of the time – especially in this industry of online money-making methods the rewards you reap for shelling out wads of cash aren’t always met with higher income. You can earn money without investing a penny, and I’ll show exactly how you can do it. Just keep reading the guides, tips, and tricks that I share on Solutiontales, and you’ll start raking in money within a few weeks or months.

One thing to keep in mind; I won’t be sharing any get-rich-overnight schemes, as those are rubbish and aren’t sustainable. Instead, I’ll show you how you can base your online business on solid foundations.

The good news?

You don’t need special skills for these methods!

Most new bloggers quit quickly because of their limited funds (and patience). That’s why I’ll be sharing various tips on how to generate a sustainable income through your blogs.

No startup cash needed, and no need to quit blogging. What else do you need to run a taut ship in the world wide web? (Hint: nothing)

If your start-up is on the blink and needs to pick up steam, get ready to break the mold and join the winners’ club through Solutiontales.


I just started it and learnt how to do it along the way. It’s a principle I’ve followed ever since: if you don’t know how to do something, say yes and learn how to do it later.

Richard Branson

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