Best Apps for EV Route Planning!

Best Apps for EV Route Planning!

Limited charging infrastructure and range anxiety are two of the most common fears among people who hesitate to purchase electric vehicles (EVs). If you have these concerns, you will be happy to learn that you can substantially reduce your apprehension by using the best apps for EV route planning

EV route planning apps take away anxiety by providing you with information when you need it. The best EV route planning applications identify the terrain on which you drive and determine the amount of power you will need.

When they conclude that your charge is too low to get you to your destination, they will give you directions to the closest charging station compatible with your vehicle. 

So, which apps are doing a great job of assisting EV drivers navigate their journeys better? 

Apple Maps: EV Routing For The Ford Mustang and Porsche Taycan  

When helping you plan your route, Apple Maps considers several factors, including the availability of chargers, the speed you are driving, elevation, and how fast the nearest chargers are.  

The American multinational technology company, Apple, introduced the addition of EV routing to Apple Maps at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2020 when it launched iOS 14.

At that time, Apple Maps planned to introduce EV route planning for two vehicle brands: BMW and Ford. However, while assistance for Ford has since been launched, support has yet to be availed for BMW. 

In 2023 Apple announced that it was adding support for the Porsche Taycan owners in the US. Apple has an excellent resource for setting up Apple Maps for EV routing.   

TomTom: The Leader In Long Distance EV Route Planning

For most of us, the name TomTom means navigation. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that the company is at the forefront of EV route mapping technology. 

TomTom bases its route mapping app on several factors, including the vehicle’s battery level, traffic, driving speed, the type of road you drive, and elevation. The main idea is to calculate the precise range and determine whether you will have an adequate charge to reach your destination. 

The TomTom Long Distance EV Routing service uses the imputed place of origin and destination to identify charging stops, which it automatically adds based on the vehicle’s charging model and consumption. 

Tesla App: Access To 45,000 Superchargers  

If there is one name that’s synonymous with EVs, it is Tesla. According to the German data gathering and visualization platform, Tesla is the most popular EV manufacturer. So, the company is expected to have an EV route mapping app.

Using the Tesla App gives you access to more than 45,000 superchargers worldwide. When you get to one of these charging stations, a 15-minute charge will provide you with an extra 200 miles of traveling. 

On the app, you enter your car model, current location, and destination; the application will help you plan how to get there. 

A Host of Others 

The three apps presented in this piece are only a few among many. You may also want to check out Plugshare, Google Maps, and EV Hotels. The ultimate aim is to find one that meets your needs at a specific moment.