The Magic of Siri: How to Cast Harry Potter Spells on Your iPhone

How to Cast Harry Potter Spells on Your iPhone

Unleash the wizard within you and cast some of the most acclaimed spells from the Harry Potter world with just your iPhone. Get ready to wave your device like a wand and see the results as if some real-life magic took place. Here’s your chance to say “Lumos”, “Nox” and “Accio” in just a couple of easy steps!

How to Cast Harry Potter Spells on Your iPhone

Ensure that Siri is enabled on your Apple iPhone. Keep in mind that having Siri switched off can result in missing out on important alerts, notifications and digital services. To ensure you don’t miss a beat, make sure Siri is enabled on your device today!

Launch Shortcuts app to get started.

To create something new, locate the plus sign in the upper-right portion of your screen.

Hit “Create Shortcut” to get started!

Click the ‘Add Action’ button.

Look for the search engine, “Siri,” for your queries.

Press the “Say Text” button.

To conjure up a Harry Potter spell, simply type its name into the designated box. For instance, Lumos can be called upon by inputting its name.

Once you are finished, simply press the ‘Done’ button.

To go back, simply hit the “Back” button.

Test out your shortcut by clicking the “Play” button.

Utter a few magical words to your iPhone and watch it perform a spell! For example, speaking “Hey Siri, Lumos” will turn on your iPhone’s flashlight. It’s that easy!

Streamline your productivity with custom shortcuts for your favorite Harry Potter spells! With a few simple commands, your iPhone will be expertly casting Lumos, Nox and Accio at your command. Make it happen with a call to Siri: “Hey Siri, show me some magic!” and get ready to be amazed!

Spark some imagination and explore the Harry Potter world using Siri as a wand! Unleash the wizard within and make your own magical spells come alive.

Final Words

It’s essential to articulate the spell correctly when using a digital assistant such as Siri. This will help you get the best outcome and make sure your command is understood swift and accurately.

A custom way of casting charms can be achieved via the Shortcuts app. Combining the use of a double-tap on the rear of your iPhone, as a gesture, with the Lumos spell is one creative example.

If you want to get imaginative, why not try concocting your own Wizarding World incantations? Make certain you articulate the charm correctly and establish a gesture in the Shortcuts app to summon it quickly.