How to Factory Reset HP Laptop? (The Complete Guide)

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop

If your HP laptop is running sluggish or displaying issues, factory resetting can be an invaluable way to remedy it. It will also help to flush out any unwanted data and give you a clean slate. Here’s a helpful guide on how to factory reset HP laptop to its original factory settings:

Restarting Through Windows: A Step-By-Step Guide

Head over to the Start button and click to open the Settings menu.

To keep your system up-to-date, click on the Update & Security tab.

Head to the left side of the page and click on “Recovery”.

Just follow these steps and you will be good to go – begin by clicking the “Get started” button on the “Reset this PC” page.

If you would like to maintain your personal documents, choose “Keep my files”. However, if you would like a clean slate, select the option “Remove everything”.

Restart your device by pressing the “Reset” button.

Alternative Technique for a Windows Reset through the Recovery Environment

Ensure your laptop is powered down before leaving it unattended.

As soon as you start up your computer, press F11 for immediate activation.

At the Choose an Option screen, initiate troubleshooting by selecting the Troubleshoot option.

Select the option to perform a factory reset of this device.

Envision and make a decision about whether to retain your information or delete it all, following the same procedure as Method 1.

How to Prepare Your HP Laptop Prior to a Factory Reset

If you’re looking to freshen up your HP laptop by performing a full reset, it’s essential to take a few preparatory steps beforehand. Before learning how to factory reset HP laptop and putting your plans into action, here are some things that should be on your to-do list.

Preserve your essential information. Don’t pass up the chance to safeguard any important photographs, records, videos or other information you can’t stand to lose. Look into options such as external hard drives, USB flash drives or a cloud-based service to safeguard your files.

It is essential to remove any removable media, like USBs and SD cards, from your devices before use. This simple step can help ensure that the data on these cards and drives remain safe.

Make sure that all applications are closed before proceeding.

To ensure your laptop doesn’t run out of battery during the factory reset process, make sure to plug it into an active power source. This longstanding process may take a bit of time, so don’t let your device be left unchecked with a low-storage warning!

What takes place when a factory reset is performed?

Factory Reset – your laptop will be brought back to its factory settings, effectively erasing all personal documents, configurations, and software. Only the operating system and pre-installed applications remain subsequent to this process.

Is it possible to perform a factory reset on a locked HP laptop?

Do you know that you can restore the settings of your locked HP laptop to its default factory settings? It’s possible, but it must be done via the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE). Follow Method 2. Once the ‘Choose an Option’ display appears, press ‘Troubleshoot’, then select the option ‘Reset this PC’, followed by ‘Remove everything’. You’re all set: when the process is completed, your laptop will be back to its original state.

If I restore my HP laptop to its original settings, am I risking the termination of my warranty?

If after learning how to factory reset HP laptop you do proceed to do a factory reset of your HP laptop, you need not worry about how it will affect your warranty: it won’t. That said, if any issues arise post-reset, HP’s support team stands ready to lend assistance.