How to Start a Raid in Minecraft

How to Start a Raid in Minecraft

Minecraft is without a doubt one of the most popular games of the current decade. It brings together so many different types of players, and there is always something to do in the game. One of the most common questions that players have is how to start a raid in Minecraft.

Many players enjoy the freedom of Minecraft since they are not restricted to any specific objectives. 

Within Minecraft there are many in-game events that liven it up. One of the most exciting events involves starting a raid.

How to Set Time in Minecraft

Also known as an ‘illegal-raid’, this event involves a wave of illagers (ill willing villagers) that set forth with an attack on a village.

If you’re wondering how to start a raid in Minecraft, then the simple answer is that it begins when a player with a Bad Omen makes their way into a village.

But, keep reading for our step by step guide to starting a raid in Minecraft

Triggering the Raid

The first steps involve triggering the raid. You will need to find a villager outpost. It can be found near the outskirts of a village, and the locate command can help you identify it easily.

This outpost will be protected, and you will need to start killing the pillagers who attack you.

The next step involves finding the patrol leader who can be identified through the banner on his head. You will need to kill him and then be cursed with the “Bad Omen”.

Once you have this new status effect, you will be able to trigger the raid. 

Entering the Village

Now, you will be able to enter the village and start the raid. Once you have entered, you will be able to see a raid progress bar. Once it fills up to the top, you will be able to start the raid.

The beginning of the raid will be made evident through the sounding of the raid horn.

When you hear this, you will soon see the first batch of raiders making their way toward you. They will start rushing toward you, and now is the time to start killing them.

There will be several waves of raiders that come at you, and they will include pillagers, evokers, and ravagers. 

Ending the Raid and Trading with Villagers 

The more raiders you kill, the more empty your progress bar will become. This shows how many raider mobs are remaining. When it disappears completely, the raid will be over.

There will be celebration sounds played for your victory. You can then start trading with villagers at a nice discount. 


You will now have a much clearer idea on how to start a raid in Minecraft. It can be heaps of fun, and it is definitely an activity that every player should get involved in.

We hope you have fun  Once the raid is over, you will be crowned as Hero of the village.

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