How to Start a Raid in Minecraft

How to Start a Raid in Minecraft

Minecraft is without a doubt one of the most popular games of the current decade. It brings together so many different types of players, and there is always something to do in the game. One of the most common questions that players have is how to start a raid in Minecraft.

Many players enjoy the freedom of Minecraft since they are not restricted to any specific objectives. 

Within Minecraft there are many in-game events that liven it up. One of the most exciting events involves starting a raid.

Also known as an ‘illegal-raid’, this event involves a wave of illagers (ill willing villagers) that set forth with an attack on a village.

If you’re wondering how to start a raid in Minecraft, then the simple answer is that it begins when a player with a Bad Omen makes their way into a village.

But, keep reading for our step by step guide to starting a raid in Minecraft