Banishing the problem of the obnoxious ringtone volume of your AirPods is now easier than ever.

Lower the Ringtone Volume on Your AirPods

When your favorite song begins blaring from your AirPods, only to be quickly interrupted by a ringing phone, you may worry that the sound could be harmful to your hearing.

No matter how loud the music is, incoming calls always seem to play on the same volume, leaving you no way to control them except by lowering the volume of the entire device.

Fortunately, that is no longer the case: you now have the power to manage how loudly incoming calls are on your wireless earbuds even when they are connected to your iPhone.

Make regular updates to your iPhone!

To take advantage of these latest features, make sure to regularly update your iPhone to current latest software. This will allow you to adjust the sound level of your alert tones, among many other beneficial changes.

Mastering the alert tone volume levels on your AirPods has never been easier! To personalize your notification volume, start by heading over to the sound settings on your device and searching for the AirPod audio controls. Next, find the alert tone volume setting and move the slider until you find a volume that is suitable for you.

When you update to iOS 16.4, connecting your AirPods to your iPhone is as easy as wearing them! Once your AirPods are on, go to the iPhone settings page and find your AirPods nestled between your name and Airplane Mode.

To lower the audio coming from your AirPods, go to the accessibility preferences on the device. Type in the name of your AirPods and you’ll see a Tone Volume bar at the bottom. Drag the lever to the left to decrease the volume.

How does altering the tone volume alter the picture?

Wearing the AirPods serves several purposes, but there are some light limitations. When you put on the AirPods, your iPhone emits a sound to let you know that everything is connected properly.

This sound may be muffled if you lower the tones to an inaudible frequency. The same pattern holds true for when you receive calls and messages through apps like WhatsApp; the ringtone volume is always dampened.

Currently, neither the volume of message alerts nor the clicking sound effect produced while typing on your iPhone can be lowered via the Settings menu.

Although the current limitations of Apple’s technology may be frustrating, we can hopefully expect these issues to be rectified in a future update. In the meantime, to mute alert sounds for incoming text messages or key click sounds, try putting your iPhone on silent mode. It should still acknowledge incoming phone calls with a connection sound effect and an assigned ringtone.