Manchester United Vs Ronaldo – Whom Do You Support?

Manchester United Vs Ronaldo - Who Do You Support?

I believe that every sport fan is currently speaking about this, as it’s one of the hottest topic and now we have to ask you as a fan of Manchester United whom do you support in this debate?.

Will you support the legendary Ronaldo who feels completely disrespected by the club, and the coach.

Or will you take a stand for the coach who’s kept to himself about Ronaldo’s behavior.

In the end you’ll see if majority of the fan’s share your views or not on Manchester United Vs Ronaldo debate.

(Update: Ronaldo has left the club via a mutual agreement)

  • Question of

    Is Ronaldo right to feel betrayed?

    • Absolutely he’s been targeted
    • Nope, the club has supported him
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    Is Erik ten Hag correct in feeling betrayed?

    • 100% he’s correct, he gave his all to accommodate Ronaldo
    • Kinda difficult as we don’t know what happened between these two
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    Are the board members right to feel betrayed?

    • Yes, they paid him so much to come back
    • No, because it feels they were keen to chuck him out
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    Whom do you support Ronaldo or Manchester United?

    • Manchester United, no player is bigger than the club
    • Ronaldo for life, he’s my idol
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    Should Manchester United Terminate his contract?

    • Is that even a question, do it right away
    • No that’s a knee jerk reaction all parties should sit and solve it out
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    Was Ronaldo justified in attacking Rooney?

    • Yes he was, because Rooney started this
    • Wish they could have sorted it in a better way