Am I Arrogant Test (100% Honest Results)

Am I Arrogant Test

Arrogance is defined as having an excessively high opinion of oneself, often to the point of being disrespectful or cocky.

It’s a personality trait that can be difficult to self-assess after all, if you think you’re great, chances are you’re not going to see it as a problem.

Arrogance can destroy relationships, both personal and professional. It’s off-putting, a turn-off, and makes you seem unlikeable.

That’s why we’ve created this accurate Am I Arrogant Test. Answer the following questions as honestly as possible to find out if you need to work on your humility.

  • Question of

    Do you consider the opinions of those around you?

    • No, never (any kind of opinion)
    • If the opinions are about me, I never consider them.
    • Only sometimes
    • Yes, always
  • Question of

    Your colleague got promoted. How do you feel?

    • Get jealous
    • Think why I didn’t get promoted instead
    • Happy, I guess
    • Feel extremely happy for them
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    Do you like bragging about yourself?

    • Yes, all the time
    • Why shouldn’t I?
    • Only when I achieve something
    • Not at all
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    Do you enjoy the spotlight at social gatherings?

    • Yes, please
    • Only good spotlight
    • Depends on what kind of gathering
    • No, I don’t
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    How do you handle things when you’re in the wrong?

    • Firstly, I’m never in the wrong
    • Do not accept it, no matter what
    • Manipulate things in my favor
    • Admit that I’m wrong and apologize.
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    Your friend criticizes you for being too quick to judge someone based on their appearance. How do you react?

    • Get angry at them for criticizing me
    • Blame them for not understanding me
    • Just say it was a joke
    • Understand their point of view and apologize
  • Question of

    Be honest; how do you feel about yourself?

    • I’m the best
    • Pretty good, I guess
    • Average at most things
    • There are surely many better than me.
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    You’ve been assigned to cooperate with a team of juniors to organize the upcoming work charity. How do you proceed?

    • Show them the ropes and make sure they follow my instructions
    • Manipulate them to do things as I want
    • Explain to them what needs to be done and why it’s important.
    • Let them take the lead and learn from their mistakes
  • Question of

    What are your views on punctuality?

    • Punctuality is for losers
    • Being punctual does not mean anything.
    • If someone else is late, I don’t mind
    • Punctuality is important
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    How do you usually put your points across the table?

    • With authority
    • I make sure that everyone listens to me
    • What’s the point of talking if no one pays attention?
    • In a respectful manner