5 Anime Quiz Questions Test in 2021?

Anime Quiz

You’re taking the Anime Quiz, which can only mean one thing. You believe that you’re a lover of Anime?.

Let me guess; as a kid, you enjoyed watching anime superhero shows that came on your screen correct?.

Did you get all of them right?.

Did you watch every single episode and movie of your favorite Anime superhero?.

If you did, you have every right to believe in your skills, but the only way to prove your might when it comes to this quiz is to answer these 5 questions in this test.

  • Question of

    Let’s start with a simple one. What’s his name?

    • Piccolo
    • Vegeta
    • Master Roshi
    • Goku
  • Question of

    Can you guess this super cool Anime?

    • Sasuke Uchiha
    • Sakura Haruno
    • Naruto
    • Boruto Uzumaki
  • Question of

    He has his own laboratory which keeps on getting destroyed?

    • Dee Dee
    • Mandark
    • Dexter
    • Valhallen
  • Question of

    Who’s this villain that’s terrifying even today?

    Majin Buu
    • Dr. Gero
    • Goku Black
    • Beerus
    • Majin Buu
  • Question of

    Who is Goku fighting against?

    Goku and Vegetta
    • Beerus
    • Piccolo
    • Vegeta
    • Dr. Gero

Written by Siddhesh Jain

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