Car Preference Test To Know Who You Are

Car Preference Test

Things you choose in life can say a lot about you! From the things you prefer, love to possess to the things you hate can reveal what kind of a person you truly are on the inside. And choosing a type of car based on your personality is no different!.

People tend to unknowingly possess things based on their personality. Buying a car is a big investment, and hence, require tons of research while deciding on a model.

There are thousands of options when choosing a car these days. In the end, you want to own a car that speaks to your personality. Maybe you are a bold and loud person, and hence a Mini Cooper may not suit you, but a GMC will!

Likewise, the specs of the car you choose, such as the mileage or speed limit, will also eventually define who you are as a person. Most times, people fail to truly understand their personality because they don’t pay much attention to the details.

You may not believe it, but people can assume your personality just by looking at which car model or color you drive. For example, if you are driving an eco-friendly Prius, then people can tell that you are an environmentally conscious person.

How about you think of somebody in a Tesla? Won’t that exude a strong personality and a successful person? Now think of a person driving a Chevy truck? What do you think? A person in rugged jeans and a carefree personality, isn’t it?

Also, let’s not forget the importance of color here! Somebody who is introverted or anti-social may like to go for a black or darker shade of color. In contrast, a colorful and lively person would want a color that’s loud or striking.

Hence, you must think twice before choosing a car if you don’t like people to know who you truly are. But, there are only a handful who follows this rule because you can’t help it if your heart wants something else!

It is uncommon for a person to not know their taste or interests since they are too busy working. Most people don’t even realize what their favorite food or color is? But, understanding yourself is the first step toward self-love, and this Car Preference Test will reveal the correct car for you.

They say that you get the love you think you deserve! But, if you don’t love yourself because you don’t know yourself, then what’s the point?! Therefore, make time to ponder upon your likes and dislikes, your interests, and so on.

So if you are here to know what type of person you are based on your car preference, then this car preference test is the one for you! It may surprise you, but much will be revealed about you through this simple test today!

Let’s wait no more and get started right away in this Car Preference Test!

  • Question of

    What is the first thing you look at in a car?

    • The size of the car and the interiors
    • The color of the car and if it’ll take me to places
    • The speed limit in case I have to outrun the police!
    • The mileage, the engine type, the manufacturer, and more specs
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    How often do you find yourself in your car?

    • Only when I travel to work or visit places
    • A little more than I am home because I like visiting friends
    • Honestly, I think I’m in my car more than I am at home because I love my car and racing too!
    • Not much because I take the public transport too
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    What color car do you have?

    • Always the classic – black or white
    • I had a red one, but now I changed it to blue
    • I have a yellow car now
    • I have a grey
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    Is there anything you like the most in your car?

    • The leather seats
    • My loud music system
    • The steering wheel
    • The efficient heating system
  • Question of

    How smooth of a driver are you?

    • Shall I be honest? I don’t drive. I have a driver though.
    • Pretty smooth, I must say!
    • Maybe not; I like it rough and fast!
    • My friends feel safe whenever I drive
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    What places do you take your car to mostly?

    • Work and shopping
    • Anywhere I like
    • For off-roading
    • To my relatives’ places
  • Question of

    How do your friends describe you?

    • Bold and confident
    • Happy and always in a jolly mood
    • Crazy and fun
    • Serious and sensible
  • Question of

    One place you wish to take your car to?

    • My car is too luxurious to be taken everywhere
    • To Paris with my friends
    • To the Alps if possible!
    • Wherever my car can take me
  • Question of

    How would you modify your car?

    • Add a designer touch to my interior
    • Install a mini-fridge for my cola
    • Bigger tires for a tough look
    • I don’t like modifying cars
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    Who do you often sit in the car with?

    • The driver because he is always with me everywhere I go
    • My best friend because we are inseparable
    • My trekking partner
    • Just me?
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    Why do you think a car is necessary?

    • Its investment I can show off!
    • So that I can go wherever I like anytime
    • To make my life more adventurous
    • For the commute to work
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    What is your go-to outfit?

    • Formals and something fashionable
    • Anything I am comfortable in
    • Rugged jeans and a T-shirt
    • Anything formal
  • Question of

    Where would you like to dine?

    • A Michelin-star restaurant
    • Any place that has good food
    • The newly opened restaurant
    • I like eating at home
  • Question of

    What is your most priceless possession?

    • My million-dollar car!
    • The laptop I recently purchased
    • My vintage hub caps I got from a thrift store
    • A book my grandmother gifted me
  • Question of

    Your best friend just had a heartbreak; what would you do?

    • Take her out of town for a break
    • Take her to the most happening club in town
    • Plan a hike to the nearest mountains with her
    • Sympathize with her and bring her warm homemade food
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    How would you react to your friend winning an award?

    • I would treat them to a fine dining experience
    • Be overjoyed and ask her for a BIG TREAT!
    • I would ask her to share the award money with me!
    • I would send her cake and flowers for her achievement
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    How do you mostly spend the weekends?

    • Go to a social event or visit the spa
    • Go to the theatres with friends and eat out
    • I take every chance to explore new places
    • Pamper me at home with a good book or Netflix!
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    You just entered a party; how would your friends react?

    • They’ll come flocking to me and try to sit with me
    • They let out a big cheer because the party has just begun!
    • They are excited to drink with me!
    • They are happy and ask me if I had dinner?
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    How big is your social circle?

    • Very big, I meet new people every day
    • Big, I make friends easily
    • Average, most of my friends share the same interests
    • Small because I don’t like mingling with many people
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    What’s the first thing you observe in a person?

    • Their communication skills
    • I love people who are friendly. So I’d first observe that.
    • How creative they are
    • If they are smart and intelligent