The Next Step in Life: College or Military Quiz

College or Military Quiz

We tend to spend our childhoods and teenage years wishing we’re adults, but when that time finally arrives, the many decisions that we have to make can often feel overwhelming.

One of the biggest decisions that you’ll have to make when you’re getting out of high school is the next thing that you intend to do with your life: going to college or joining the military.

While these aren’t the only two options available, they’re some of the most popular.

Today’s College or Military Quiz will let you know which of these two options seems like it would be a better fit for you based on your personality, qualities, and more.

  • Question of

    What do you do in your free time?

    • Study for exams
    • Read about World War II
    • Play strategy games
    • Work out
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    What do you think of the military?

    • I’m indifferent about it
    • I think it’s exciting to learn more about it
    • I’m interested in the spirit of leadership that it creates
    • I’ve always been fascinated by the military
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    Which of these would you prefer?

    • A scholarship to the school of my choice
    • A visit to a museum ship
    • A letter of recommendation from a congressman
    • A week-long boot camp experience
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    How do you feel about exams?

    • I’m always prepared for my exams
    • I like taking exams if they’re about a subject I enjoy
    • I don’t love exams, but I recognize their importance
    • I hate exams
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    Which of these Youtube channels would you prefer?

    • Khan Academy
    • Military History Visualized
    • GoArmy
    • I don’t watch Youtube
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    How do you feel about teachers?

    • I love the teachers that I’ve had
    • I’m only really a fan of my history teachers
    • I think that teachers are mainly there to instill discipline
    • I don’t really like teachers
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    How much do you know about military equipment?

    • Not much at all
    • I can tell you more about historical military equipment than present-day gear
    • I’m more interested in how soldiers are led than the equipment they use
    • I know all about modern military equipment
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    Which of the following positions suits you best?

    • Leader of the math club
    • Librarian’s assistant
    • Class president
    • Star athlete
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    Which of these following statements is true about your group of friends?

    • All of my friends have good grades
    • My friends would all be interested in visiting a war memorial
    • My friends see me as the leader of our group
    • My friends and I are some of the toughest people around
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    How good are your grades?

    • I have perfect grades
    • My grades are above average
    • My grades are good in subjects that I care about
    • I have poor grades