Find out your true color: Color Personality Test

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    Are you a good listener?

    • Not really
    • Yes. I am.
    • I try my best
    • I am the best listener among all my friends.
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    Are you a friendly person?

    • I am the friendliest person even to strangers
    • I try to be
    • You’ll find me socializing, but it’s not because I want to
    • I’m not too fond of socializing
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    What, according to you, is the most crucial thing in your life?

    • Finding happiness
    • Fairness and justice
    • Being responsible and practical
    • Finding love
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    Which among the following is one of the weaknesses you see in yourself?

    • I can be gullible
    • My friends say that I can be very stubborn
    • I can seem very demanding sometimes
    • I might be very reserved
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    How do you deal with the situation if one of your friends is very upset?

    • I will do my best to make them feel good
    • I will get to the bottom of it and come up with a solution
    • Tell them to get over it
    • Try my best to understand what the issue is
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    What is your reason for not finding a proper solution to a problem?

    • I might have overlooked some things
    • I need to take a look from another perspective
    • I might have put my focus on the wrong thing.
    • I might have missed out on some details
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    In case you got new furniture, how do you install it?

    • Ask a friend to help
    • First, read the manual and then start the work
    • Assemble it myself without reading the instructions
    • Skim through the instructions and try to set it up
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    If you’re having a bad day, which of these describes your mood the best?

    • I might be more reserved and quiet
    • I’ll be sluggish
    • I tend to blow up and get irritated
    • I will probably cry
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    When you have to learn something new, what is your reaction?

    • I am excited
    • I love learning new things!
    • A little annoyed, but I still do it
    • I adapt to changes
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    If you were to describe someone, how would you do it?

    • I’ll analyse what they are like with me.
    • I try to give the most accurate and rational answer
    • I describe people as either bad or good but there’s no in-between
    • I paint them in the best light possible