How Well Do You Know Your Significant Other? Take This Couples Quiz to Find Out!

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    Do you know your partner’s family and their names?

    • I met them like a hundred times
    • I just know their names
    • I know the names of my partner’s parents
    • Why should I care about my partner’s family?
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    Do you know who your partner’s best friend?

    • Of course, I do
    • I know his friend circle
    • Nah
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    Do you know whether your partner is a cat or a dog person?

    • How could I possibly NOT know that?
    • Yes, I do
    • I think I do
    • I don’t think that’s an important detail
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    Do you know whether your partner has any allergies?

    • Of course, I do, that’s literally a vital detail
    • I know some of their allergies
    • I haven’t asked yet
    • Well, honestly, I’m not my partner’s doctor
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    Do you know your partner’s shoe size?

    • I mean, I’m the one who buys my partner’s clothes, so yeah, I do
    • Yes, I do
    • I can guess
    • No, I do not
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    Do you know where your partner would go if they could travel back in time?

    • Listen here, if my partner’s traveling in time, I’m going as well
    • I have a good idea about where they’d be headed
    • Maybe they’d go back in time to kill Hitler?
    • What kind of question is this?
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    Do you know all of your partner’s secrets?

    • They wouldn’t be my partner if I didn’t, would they?
    • I know most all of them
    • I can name a few (I mean, I CAN’T name a few)
    • They’re called secrets for a reason, aren’t they?
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    Do you like to spend time with your partner?

    • Yes, I do
    • I just enjoy the time we spend together
    • Only when I’m feeling bored
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    Do you discuss intimate and taboo topics with your partner?

    • That’s the premise of having a partner, isn’t it?
    • Most of the time, yes
    • We’re not there yet
    • No, I’d rather not
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    Does your partner know all of your insecurities?

    • Yes, and I know all of theirs, but we forget about them when we’re together
    • Yes, they do
    • They know my obvious insecurities
    • No, I don’t like to be vulnerable
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    Do you know your partner’s favorite fictional character?

    • It’s the small details that matter, so I do
    • I think I do
    • It’s either James Bond or Batman, I forgot
    • What does this have to do with anything?
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    Do you know your partner’s sleeping position?

    • Duh!
    • I do
    • I think my partner is a side sleeper
    • I don’t really care about my partner’s sleeping position
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    Do you remember what your partner was wearing when your first met them?

    • Obviously, I do
    • I just remember the colors
    • Do people actually remember such details?
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    What would happen to your relationship if you won the lottery?

    • We’d spend all of OUR money together!
    • Nothing would change
    • We’d hang out in better places
    • I’d probably look for someone more classy
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    Have you ever cheated on a lover in a past relationship?

    • No, I’d never cheat on someone I love
    • No
    • I did, and it was a mistake that I’d never repeat
    • I mean, it’s not cheating if you’re not married, right?
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    Do you know the names of the people who have been irritating your partner lately?

    • Yes, and I’m preparing a plan to assassinate all of them
    • Yes, I do, and I try to comfort my partner whenever I can
    • It’s their ex, of course
    • We don’t talk about that
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    Do you know your partner’s basic philosophy in life?

    • We have the same motto, so yes
    • Yes, I do
    • I don’t think I do
    • I don’t care
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    Do you think your partner knows you well?

    • Again, we know everything about each other
    • Of course, we’re pretty open to each other
    • They have a pretty good idea about what I like and what I don’t
    • How could I possibly know that?
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    Do you know how you’re partner likes to relax?

    • Of course! My partner relaxes by being with me
    • We pretty much like to relax the same way
    • I know the things they like
    • Not really
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    Do you know what unconscious gesture reveals that your partner is uncomfortable with a conversation/situation?

    • Absolutely
    • I do
    • I think I do
    • Why don’t they just speak their mind?