Up To 100% Accurate Divergent Faction Quiz

Divergent Faction Quiz

It’s not a secret that Veronica Roth’s book series has significantly impacted all our lives.

The thrill of envisioning our protagonists trying to survive a dystopian society while also town between decisions of ethics and morals.

All the characters in the series were divided into different factions based on their personalities. They then take on a series of challenges, working the best way based on their faction’s strengths.

We’ve all been fans of the trilogy from the beginning of the series. So here’s just another notch in the belt for all Divergent fans. Take this Divergent Faction Quiz to determine your personality and which faction you’d probably be in if you were a character from the book.

  • Question of

    When you have to face challenging problems, what is your go-to motive?

    • I deal with it on my own. I wouldn’t say I like to bother other people
    • Try to find the root of the issue
    • I keep it to myself but dig through the issue as much as I can
    • I process it by using coping mechanisms
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    Imagine you’re in an empty room. You suddenly hear someone scream. What is your reaction?

    • I’ll sit quietly; you can’t trust what you can’t see
    • I’ll think about going out to search for the person
    • I’m alarmed.
    • I’ll be worried, but I’ll try to find a way to help the person in need
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    What would you say your friends and family describe you as?

    • A selfless person
    • An intellectual
    • Adventurous person
    • A Creative person
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    Which profession best suits you?

    • A policeman
    • A teacher
    • I am my boss
    • An artist
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    If you had an off day, what would you do?

    • Do my own thing. I don’t want to always be around people.
    • Read a book I love
    • Explore a new place with my friends
    • Make some art or do some pottery
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    If you were in the middle of a mission and you saw your friend hurt in the battleground, what is your reaction?

    • I make sure no one else is in a compromising position till I decide to go help
    • I would help if my friend were near me
    • I’ll go out of my way to help my friend
    • I don’t like violence. I can’t imagine myself on a battlefield
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    What is your biggest fear?

    • Losing someone’s trust
    • Getting my heartbroken
    • Losing a friend
    • Getting into a fight
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    What is your go-to outfit for a casual day out?

    • Anything comfortable
    • Business casual sounds great to me
    • Something I can walk around in for long hours
    • Something quirky and over the top
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    If your friend’s partner was cheating on them, what would your reaction be?

    • I will take the initiative to talk amongst our other friend groups and decide what to do with the information.
    • I will tell my friend and talk to the partner myself
    • I will first find out all the details of the relationship before telling anyone
    • I might consider telling my friend, but I’m scared I’ll start a fight
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    What do you think would be your last words if you were put in the fear simulator and grasping for dear life?

    • ”love your neighbours like you love yourself.”
    • “Never stop to find the truth.”
    • “Don’t stop believing.”
    • “Violence doesn’t solve problems.”
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    Would you be willing to lose one close friend to gain a hundred close friends?

    • I will never do anything like that
    • I don’t think I will agree to this
    • I don’t believe that I would
    • I try to avoid conflicts as much as possible, and this sounds like one.
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    What is the number 1 priority in your life right now?

    • My friends and family
    • You and your life
    • Learning new things
    • Finding inspiration
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    You are friends with your best mate because of which reason?

    • The selfless traits.
    • The blunt honesty is all I need in a friend.
    • The intellect. I love to talk about things that matter.
    • Our mutual love for art
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    If you were put on a deserted island and didn’t have anything to eat. What will you do?

    • Try to do everything I can to find help
    • I’ll start looking for food
    • Explore the island. Maybe I’ll find some food to eat.
    • I’ll make peace with the inhabitants if any
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    What kind of people do you think the world needs right now?

    • Kind people
    • Honest people
    • Intelligent people
    • Creative people
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    Choose a movie from the options:

    • Titanic
    • Love actually
    • Ocean’s 8
    • A star is born
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    What power would you want if you could have any?

    • I want super strength
    • I would love to control the weather
    • I want to travel in time
    • I need to be able to read minds
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    Choose one body part:

    • Heart
    • Mouth
    • Brain
    • Hands
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    Would you rather have an exciting vacation or a chilled-out one?

    • I like the chill vibes
    • I would like the quiet places more for a vacation
    • I want to go on an adventure and strike things off my bucket list.
    • I want everything to be exiting
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    Choose one that you think you say the most:

    • ”it’s okay!”
    • “Tell me the truth.”
    • “Did you know?”
    • “Do you want to …”