Does My Husband Have A Personality Disorder Quiz? Find Out If He’s the One!

Does My Husband Have A Personality Disorder Quiz

Often the person your husband becomes after marriage is a lot different than the person you thought you were marrying.

When the two of you are in the “honeymoon stage,” you tend to overlook each other’s flaws and personality disorders.

After being married for a few years, though, what was once easy to ignore is now impossible to ignore.

If you want your husband to change or seek help, then you first need to figure out if there’s anything wrong, to begin with.

The Does My Husband Have A Personality Disorder Quiz should answer everything that you need to know to figure out if you’re just overthinking it or if he has a serious issue.

  • Question of

    Does your husband constantly change his expectations?

    • Never
    • Sometimes
    • Often
    • Very Often
  • Question of

    Do you and your husband communicate well?

    • He’s practically silent
    • When he feels like it
    • He talks sometimes
    • He talks all of the time
  • Question of

    How often do you notice irrational rage?

    • I never do
    • Only on occasion
    • All of the time
    • Everything ticks him off
  • Question of

    Does everything you say get used against you?

    • No, he tends to forget
    • When I say something hurtful
    • Most of the times
    • Everything I say has a different meaning
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    Is your husband irrationally jealous?

    • He’s always friendly
    • He’s suspicious at times
    • He doesn’t like other men much
    • He’s competitive and likes to fight others
  • Question of

    Does your spouse accuse you of false things when angry?

    • Nope
    • Sometimes
    • At times yes
    • Very Often
  • Question of

    You can’t leave the relationship because of threats of self-harm?

    • My husband would never hurt himself
    • He makes unwise decisions
    • He runs away and gets into trouble
    • He threatens to hurt me
  • Question of

    Does he suffer from intense episodes of sadness, anxiety, or irritability?

    • He’s very paranoid
    • He is sad sometimes
    • Only when provoked
    • He’s never sad
  • Question of

    Does he have difficulty controlling his anger?

    • He’s always in control
    • He is “out of touch sometimes”
    • He doesn’t like to be told what to do
    • He has a “hairpin” trigger
  • Question of

    Does he have an unstable image of who he is?

    • He’s stable
    • He’s a bit wary of himself
    • He flips out sometimes
    • Everything is an assault on him
  • Question of

    When under stressful situations he seems paranoid or anxious?

    • He always has a plan
    • He comes up with a plan at the last-minute
    • He’s not sure of his plans
    • He’s always unprepared
  • Question of

    Does he have any irritation episodes when he is bored?

    • He’s never irritated
    • On few occasions
    • He’s easily irritated
    • He can’t be bored without being irritated
  • Question of

    Is he always in a rush to get something done or be somewhere else?

    • He makes plenty of time for me
    • He’s a busy person
    • He has lot’s of “appointments”
    • It’s hard for him to make time for me
  • Question of

    Does he have sudden energetic moments?

    • He’s very focused
    • After he drinks coffee
    • He has mood swings
    • He’s always too full of energy
  • Question of

    Is he ever hyper and sad at the same time?

    • He has stable emotions
    • If he’s excited or jet lagged
    • Not often
    • He’s very bi-polar
  • Question of

    Do you notice instances where he is dull and at other times creative?

    • He keeps his creativity under control
    • He’s dull when he’s bored
    • He gets creative bursts
    • He’s an incredible artist
  • Question of

    Does he laugh and joke excessively?

    • Not much of a sense of humor
    • He laughs around others
    • He has a good sense of humor
    • He is very humorous
  • Question of

    Do his random mood swings occur for more than a week?

    • He doesn’t have mood swings
    • They occur once a month
    • They occur once a week
    • They occur multiple times a week
  • Question of

    Does he experience racing thoughts?

    • Nothing affects him
    • When he’s under stress
    • Whenever he’s anxious
    • He has trouble focusing due to racing thoughts
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    Is he easily distracted?

    • He’s very focused
    • When there’s something BIG going on
    • He is easily distracted
    • He uses distractions as an excuse