Discover Your Halloween Costume Via This Halloween quiz

Halloween quiz

It may surprise you to know that Halloween costumes say a lot about your personality. And, you can find that out through this “what should you be for Halloween quiz.

According to psychology today, your costume may be a way of displaying your dark side.

The best way to spend Halloween night is by wearing a costume that mirrors who you are! Do you know why?

Costumes are a great conversation starter at any Halloween party. It is the best way to break the ice during conversations.

  • Question of

    What color do you usually wear?

    • Black or anything dark
    • I experiment with colors according to my mood
    • Anything colorful
    • White or anything that isn’t flashy
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    What kind of music do you like?

    • Heavy metal/ Grunge/Rock
    • Nothing specific, I listen to every genre if I like it
    • Pop music
    • Country music, jazz or blues
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    How would you spend a Halloween night?

    • Visit a haunted house or scare people
    • Go trick or treating
    • Partying with friends
    • Stay at home and watch a movie
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    Any specific Halloween style you have in mind?

    • Something scary to freak people out
    • It has to be unique and smart
    • Anything that is cute and colorful
    • As long as it doesn’t grab people’s attention
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    How would you describe yourself?

    • Crazy and wild with a mind of my own
    • Creative, adventurous, and outgoing
    • Happy-go-lucky, friendly, and sweet
    • Nerdy and smart- some may find me boring
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    What about Halloween excites you the most?

    • Visiting haunted houses or watching scary movies
    • Doing something fun and experiencing something new
    • Dressing up and partying
    • Meeting people to have meaningful conversations
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    If you meet your ex at a party, what will you do?

    • Show off my date for the night just to piss him off
    • May just walk up to him and start a conversation
    • Walk past him and act like his existence doesn’t matter
    • Nothing
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    What is your everyday style like?

    • I like to dress edgy.
    • I like to get creative with my dressing style
    • Anything girly and cute
    • Anything comfortable
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    How much makeup on Halloween night is fine?

    • I will even paint my face if I look scary enough!
    • I am fine with any amount if it compliments my costume
    • A lot of makeup so that I look pretty and cute
    • None
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    Choose your spirit animal?

    • Black Panther, Wolf, or a bat
    • Sea creatures like jellyfish, blue whale, etc
    • Unicorn, dogs, kittens
    • Owl or eagle