Highly Sensitive Person Quiz? (100% Real Answers)

Highly Sensitive Person Quiz

This highly sensitive person test is designed to find out if you are easily affected by everyday things that happen to you.

For example, you might be affected by the weather, how your morning began, or even just a song you happened to listen to on your way to school or work.

People who are easily affected by such things are known to be extremely sensitive. While it is not a negative quality, it can sometimes hamper your everyday life and even the relationships you form.

On the other hand, an insensitive person can also have a hard time developing meaningful relationships.

As social beings, humans are drawn to one another, and we need to have a balance in how we deal with people and how we process emotions. Only then will we be able to form relationships and have a supportive circle around us?

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    Are you a very detail-oriented person?

    • I am meticulous about everything.
    • I like things a certain way.
    • Only about certain tasks
    • Not really
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    Will people say that you are an outgoing person?

    • Not really
    • I am pretty introverted.
    • It depends on who is with me
    • I am very outgoing.
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    What is your go-to if you see someone having a hard time?

    • I will cry with them.
    • I also feel the same.
    • I try to console them.
    • It’s hard for me to process these kinds of emotions.
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    Do songs affect your mood?

    • All the time.
    • Only the sad songs.
    • Depends on my mindset at the time.
    • I’m not too fond of music.
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    Are you a perfectionist?

    • I have been told that I am.
    • I think so.
    • Not at all.
    • I am very easygoing.
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    Do you enjoy watching scary movies?

    • I hate them so much.
    • I will never watch one willingly.
    • I don’t enjoy them, but I don’t mind them either.
    • I wouldn’t say I like watching movies.
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    How are you in crowded places?

    • Yes. They affect me a lot.
    • Only if the movie has a significant resemblance to my personal life.
    • Only for a moment.
    • Nothing affects me.
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    Do you often feel like you change your perspective on life based on a book or movie you watched?

    • Yes, it kinda does
    • Only if it personally relates to me
    • Only for a bit.
    • Nope Never
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    Do you often stress out when there is a deadline approaching?

    • I am always stressed.
    • I do my best to stop stressing.
    • It depends on how far the deadline is.
    • It doesn’t bother me.
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    Are you good at catching the thoughts and feelings of other people?

    • Yes. I am very intuitive.
    • I always tend to analyze what they might be thinking
    • Somewhat yes.
    • Not at all