Find out “How many camels am I worth quiz” today!

How many camels am I worth quiz

Who knew that a day would come when humans’ worth would be determined by a certain number of camels?!

Mind-boggling right? Well, to be honest, camels are known for their calm and majestic demeanor, so it is fine being compared to such an animal!

Also, the camel calculator trend started when TikTok users began calculating their worth in camels through online tools.

The test is based on your characteristics such as hair, body etc and tells you your worth of camels.

So, let’s dive in and check out How many camels am I worth quiz you are worth!

  • Question of

    What color is your hair?

    • Black
    • Red
    • Brown
    • Blonde
  • Question of

    Do often do you work out?

    • I don’t like working out
    • I think I am fit enough
    • Maybe twice a week
    • Everyday! It is a way of life for me
  • Question of

    What is your body shape?

    • Chubby
    • Thick
    • Lean
    • Athletic
  • Question of

    The most compliments I get are about?

    • The way I talk and interact with others
    • My soft heart
    • My character
    • My good looks
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    What color are your eyes?

    • Black/ mixed
    • Brown
    • Hazel
    • Blue
  • Question of

    Do you like dressing up for occasions?

    • Not really, but I try to
    • Yes, but nothing extraordinary
    • Yes, always up for it!
    • I don’t need occasions because I dress up every day!
  • Question of

    How old are you?

    • Above 35 years
    • Between 25-30 years
    • Between 20-25 years
    • Below 20 years
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    Your house is on fire- what is the one thing you’d pick?

    • My phone
    • My favorite book
    • My favorite pair of shoes
    • All my clothes
  • Question of

    How famous are you at parties?

    • I blend in easily with the crowd
    • I have few friends who are with me
    • I hang out with my bog group of friends who love me
    • I end up being the showstopper at every party!
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    How do you usually get away with things?

    • I try to play safe always.
    • I apologize whenever I am wrong
    • I give reasons for my mistake
    • I just have to sweet talk, and my work is done!