How to know if your in love quiz

How to know if your in love quiz

Some of you have been there before, and some of you are having these mysterious feelings for the first time.

Love comes in all shapes and everybody has a different love language.

This means it can often be hard how to know if your in love, or if you’re just caught up in the heat of the moment.

If you’ve been trying to figure out if you’re in love or not, then take us How to Know If You’re in Love Quiz and answer your question once and for all!.

Another common question people have is if they’re being used or not.

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    Do you think about your significant other at least once a day?

    • They’re always on my mind
    • Sometimes
    • When I have time
    • Depends on my mood
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    Meeting your partner has changed your life for the better?

    • I’m proud of who I am
    • I think so
    • No difference
    • If he doesn’t make me angry
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    How often do you go on dates?

    • At least once a week
    • Once in a while
    • When he has time
    • When we got extra money
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    Do you ever get bored of them?

    • They’re not boring at all
    • If we spend too much time together
    • We don’t have a lot to say
    • I enjoy the company
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    Do you let things slide when you’ll argue?

    • No, we talk things through
    • Sometimes I let things slide
    • No point in arguing
    • I avoid arguments
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    Are you completely over any past ex relationships?

    • Yes. I don’t think about exes
    • I’m mostly
    • No, but they are better
    • Everyone says we are perfect together
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    Do you see them in your future?

    • Together forever
    • Possibly
    • Not yet
    • Haven’t thought that far yet
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    How well do you know him?

    • I know the person he wants to be
    • Not sure, ask me a question
    • I like them mysterious
    • I’m still getting to know him
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    Would you move in with your partner?

    • I already have
    • Yes I’m thinking of it
    • Not sure
    • No, too fast
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    How often do you tell each other you love one another?

    • As much as we can
    • A few times a week
    • Depends on my mood
    • We haven’t said it to each other