Accounting as A Career: Is It Right for Me?

is accounting right for me quiz

Accountants are like number wizards. They can take a giant pile of numbers and bank records and tell you the story behind them.

Accounting has one of the fastest-growing careers jobs in America, and often pays over $70,000!

However, accounting can be difficult.

It often involves a lot of numbers, math, and requires you to think outside of the box. It’s not a career for everybody.

If you’ve been wondering about whether or not you should be an accountant, then take our Is Accounting Right for Me Quiz to find out if you have what it takes to make it as a successful career in CPA.

  • Question of

    Do you like doing research?

    • If I don’t know, I don’t care
    • I can find the answer
    • I enjoy learning new things
    • I should be a private detective
  • Question of

    How Do You Feel About Routines?

    • Everything has to be the same every day
    • I like my schedule, but I can deviate
    • I’m always open to new things
    • I expect the unexpected
  • Question of

    What Is A “Fiscal Year?”

    • Amount of food you eat in a year
    • I’m Not Sure
    • Amount of money you make in a year
    • A “year” in the government tax year
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    Do You Like Tests and Exams?

    • I hate them
    • I don’t make good grades
    • I can take a test and pass
    • Sign me up!
  • Question of

    How Do You Feel About Problem-Solving?

    • I’m easily dumbfounded
    • I’m okay at it
    • I can find the answer
    • Bring on the challenge!
  • Question of

    How Are Your Finances?

    • I can’t pay my bills on time
    • I pay most of my bills
    • I pay all bills on-time
    • I pay bills ahead of time
  • Question of

    Are You A Logical Thinker?

    • I think with my heart
    • Sometimes
    • Yes
    • Logic is always the answer
  • Question of

    Do You Follow the Rules?

    • I don’t like rules
    • Sometimes
    • Mostly
    • I’ve never disobeyed a law
  • Question of

    Are You Detail-Oriented?

    • Nope
    • I notice some things
    • I pay attention if I’m interested
    • Details are everything!
  • Question of

    How Patient Are You?

    • Nope- I need it now.
    • I can wait… sometimes
    • Patience is a virtue
    • I prefer a delayed gratification
  • Question of

    Can You Explain Complex Topics?

    • I don’t like explaining myself
    • When I have time
    • Of course I can
    • I Love explaining things
  • Question of

    Are You A Self-Motivated Worker?

    • No, I need a manager
    • At times yea
    • I’m motivated when I like what I’m doing
    • I love to work alone
  • Question of

    Can You Go to College for Four Years?

    • I’m not patient enough
    • Possibly
    • I am counting days now to go
    • I love learning new things so yes
  • Question of

    Do You Like Puzzles?

    • No i don’t like puzzles
    • I like easy puzzles
    • If I have plenty of time
    • I’m a world-star puzzle solver
  • Question of

    What Is A “Quarter” In Accounting Terms?

    • A $.25-cent coin
    • One-fourth of somebody’s income
    • One week out of the month
    • A period of three months
  • Question of

    Do You Let Your Emotions Get to You?

    • Yes, I’m very emotional
    • Sometimes they do get to me
    • I try not to let my feelings show
    • I have an excellent poker face
  • Question of

    If You See Somebody Stealing, What Would You Do?

    • I’d help them get away with it
    • It’s none of my business
    • I’d confront them
    • I’d report them
  • Question of

    You’re Eating Out with Four Friends, How Do You Split the Bill?

    • I let my friends pay for it
    • I ask for a separate check for myself
    • I evenly split the bill in four ways
    • I separate each person’s food and separate the checks
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    How Do You Feel About The IRS?

    • I hate paying taxes
    • They’re a necessary part of the economy
    • I report most of my taxes
    • I save every receipt and file every item
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    Do You Have A Monthly Budget Plan?

    • No, I live from check to check
    • I plan my large payments ahead of time
    • My bills are all auto-drafted from my account
    • I have a strict budget and a savings plan