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Past Life Quiz

So, you’re curious about who you were in a previous life. However, is hypnosis prohibitively expensive?.

Fear not, ‘this quiz’ is waiting to answer all your queries concerning a prior life! Simply take your time and honestly answer the following entertaining questions to find out!.

It is a purely recreational quiz, and may reveal something you did not know about yourself before.

The notion of reincarnation has existed for nearly as long as recorded history. It is a component of a range of ancient-era faiths and beliefs. With a few easy questions, the ” Past Life Quiz” might provide insight into your past life.

  • Question of

    What do you want to gain before you die?

    • Feeling loved by someone
    • A feeling of pure happiness.
    • Success is what matters to me.
    • Finding wealth.
  • Question of

    Which one is your favorite program?

    • Avatar.
    • Hannah Montana.
    • Star Wars: Clone Wars.
    • Victorious.
  • Question of

    When you are alone with your mind, what do you think?

    • Swimming in the ocean and talking to fish.
    • Spending time with my partner.
    • I am in space and traveling everywhere.
    • Surrounded by legends.
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    What do you do daily?

    • I walk frequently.
    • Sunbathing.
    • I usually write a thesis.
    • I am a reasonably active person.
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    What is your goal in life?

    • I want to sing for all creatures!
    • A social worker.
    • A scientist or researcher.
    • Marine biologist.
  • Question of

    Have you ever felt like you do not belong in this life?

    • I feel like I belong to the same magical world.
    • I feel like a star, a moon, or another galaxy.
    • Yes! I have always felt like a sage.
    • I was born here, so I belong here!
  • Question of

    Would you like to be a great writer or a photographer?

    • I would like to capture the beauty of nature.
    • Prefer to be a top artist.
    • Anyway, I want to be a great computer editor.
    • Probably a great writer.
  • Question of

    If you drop an ice cream cone on the floor, would you complain about it?

    • No, because it is not a big deal.
    • I would forget about it.
    • I would feel angry, but I couldn’t cry because of it.
    • Yes, because it’s a waste of money.
  • Question of

    Can you sacrifice love for money?

    • No, but I could sacrifice money for love.
    • It depends on the stage of my life.
    • It depends on how much I earn.
    • Yeah probably.
  • Question of

    Would you prefer to sleep in a flower garden or in a garden?

    • Lying in a flower garden is my dream.
    • Garden of beautiful flowers.
    • I would choose a field of money.
    • What about a garden with both money and flowers?
  • Question of

    Do you think it is worth waking up in the morning to watch the sunrise?

    • Yes, certainly to admire nature.
    • It depends on who comes with me.
    • It depends on how early I have to get up.
    • No, sleep is important to me.
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    Which of the following statements best describes you?

    • None other than amazing.
    • Always caring and kind.
    • Mysterious can be the only word.
    • Weird and difficult to understand.
  • Question of

    If you could not sleep at all, what would you do with all that extra time?

    • I would do a lot of work.
    • Spending a lot of time with my loved ones.
    • Read a lot of books.
    • Learn new skills.
  • Question of

    Would you like to fly, jog or swim as fast as you can?

    • Flying, in general, can be amazing.
    • I better run faster.
    • Swimming too fast sounds cool.
    • Can I choose all three?
  • Question of

    What is the one weakness that you want to let go of?

    • Showing excessive concern for others.
    • Every bad habit.
    • Overthinking habits for everything.
    • Ego and impatience.
  • Question of

    If you could paint anything in the sky, what do you think you could paint?

    • Many adorable animals.
    • Lots of clouds.
    • Mix up all colors to create a rainbow.
    • My definition of Heaven.
  • Question of

    What is the best way to celebrate love?

    • To spend quality time with a dear one.
    • Surprise with handmade gifts.
    • Prepare home-cooked meals together.
    • Burn fireworks.
  • Question of

    If Heaven exists, what do you think it will be like?

    • A city in the sky.
    • An invisible place.
    • Someplace in the clouds.
    • The loveliest place on Earth.
  • Question of

    What is the best way to get knowledge in life?

    • By learning from my mistakes.
    • By listening to others.
    • By living life to the fullest.
    • By reading books.
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    What is the most beautiful place to live?

    • At the top of the mountain.
    • In a bustling city.
    • At the seashore.
    • Anywhere, as long as I’m surrounded by people.