Do you know what skin type do you have?

skin type quiz

Your skin is a one-of-a-kind creation.

The most frequent skin type is indeed the standard skin type. Moisture balance, tiny pores, and a lack of apparent issues might all be defined as positive characteristics of this skin type.

It refers to the kind of skin you are attempting to obtain or the skin types you are trying to preserve with your skincare routine.

Nobody else has skin that is exactly like yours. This skin type quiz will help you establish how to describe your distinctive skin for the appropriate skincare products.

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    The best description of your pores:

    • Clogged pores and enlarged pores
    • T-zone has large pores while others have small
    • Small pores everywhere
    • Normal pores everywhere
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    When does your skin get itchy?

    • After interacting with something oily
    • After sweating
    • Washing face more frequently or after every wash
    • After applying a new product, skin feels oily and itches.
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    When does your skin become red and sensitive?

    • My normal skin is characterized by redness.
    • Less frequent.
    • Never. I have the exact same skin all the time.
    • After applying new products
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    In which parts of your face do you have oily skin?

    • Everywhere. My skin has excess oil.
    • T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin).
    • Nowhere
    • Cheeks but with patchy skin
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    How does your skin feel after washing your face?

    • Clean. It’s a normal skin type.
    • Clean on t-zone, and dry at the rest
    • Flaky, very dry, and patchy.
    • If I use a new product with harsh chemicals, it feels irritated.
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    Where do you have more blackheads?

    • Nose, cheeks, chin
    • All over nose and cheeks
    • Nowhere on my face
    • Tip of the nose only
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    When do you get more pimples?

    • When I sweat more or after excessive moisturizing
    • After eating Junk food
    • Rarely
    • After using a new product, a new moisturizer, or a new cleanser
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    What does my skin need in the evening?

    • Compact powder
    • Compact on T-zone and facial spray on other parts.
    • Rich moisturizer and gentle cleanser.
    • Facial spray
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    Exactly what does your skin need at night?

    • Water-based serum
    • Refreshing toner
    • Oil-based serum
    • Moisturizers
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    How does your normal skin feel like?

    • Oily and greasy
    • Dry and patchy
    • Somewhere oily and it has blemishes
    • Irritated and rough