The Office Trivia: Can You Score 100% and Beat Michael Scott?

The Office Trivia

If you’re a fan of the show, I have good news.

Today, you can prove that you know everything there is to know about Michael Scott’s fierce workplace by taking this The Office trivia quiz!

Are you ready to prove that you’re the true Assistant (to) the Regional Manager of The Office?

Well, take The Office Trivia Quiz, then!

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    In the first season of The Office, Michael pretended to fire Pam over a stupid reason. What was it?

    • Stealing post-it notes
    • Ignoring his calls
    • Forgetting her contact lenses
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    What sandwich does Jim make for Pam in “The Client” episode?

    • Grilled cheese sandwich
    • Nutella Baked
    • Peanut butter and jelly
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    Pam loves yogurt. What’s her favorite flavor?

    • Blueberry
    • Mixed berry
    • Strawberry
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    “I thought _______ was a boy’s name,” Kevin

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    Which character started the fire in the break room in the second season?

    • Kevin
    • Michael
    • Ryan
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    What’s Phyliss’s maiden name?

    • Vance Refrigeration
    • Austin
    • Lapin
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    Who’s the head of the Party Planning Committee?

    • Angela
    • Oscar
    • Phyliss
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    What did Kevin buy himself when he got himself for Secret Santa?

    • A cake
    • A foot bath
    • A big bag of M&M’s
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    In which season does Erin join The Office?

    • Season 3
    • Season 6
    • Season 9
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    On the first day of the Michael Scott Paper Company, Michael made breakfast for him and Pam. What did he make?

    • French Toast
    • Waffles
    • Pancakes
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    What was Michael’s task in Phyliss’s wedding?

    • Pushing her father down the aisle in his wheelchair
    • Giving an emotional speech
    • Singing
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    Why does Creed follow Michael’s nephew on Twitter?

    • Because he always talks about Betty White
    • Because he posts pictures of Betty White
    • Because he doesn’t talk about Betty White
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    What acronym does Creed come up with when he becomes the interim regional manager?

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    “_______, your teeth called. Your breath stinks. Boom roasted,” Michael Scott

    • Angela
    • Creed
    • Stanley
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    What clothing brand did Michael wear when he accidentally wore one of Jan’s suits?

    • MISStery
    • MISSsterious
    • MISSter Suits
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    What type of farm does Dwight own?

    • Carrot farm
    • Beet farm
    • Beetle farm
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    When Dwight became the interim regional manager in the seventh season, he got a gun holster. What did Kevin suggest Dwight put in the holster?

    • A nerf gun
    • A banana
    • His cell phone
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    What does Michael Scott drink every morning?

    • Black coffee
    • Beer
    • Milk and sugar
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    How long were Pam and Roy engaged?

    • Three to four years
    • Six years
    • Three months
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    Ryan When he was young, Michael lived with a foreign exchange student. When that student went back to Yugoslavia, he took something from Michael. What was it?

    • All of his jeans
    • All of his shoes
    • All of his shirts