What back to school superhero are you quiz?

What back to school superhero are you quiz

We all think certain superheroes could do a better job.

What if you had to choose which superpower you would rather have in the new school year? Would a superhero theme exist?.

If so, which superhero categories would you avoid and which would enjoy fun activities? Would you be a more strong Superman or a more agile Spiderman?

What would your school year be like? Would it be fun?

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    How would you feel in a superhero classroom in the fourth grade?

    • Shy
    • Bold
    • Brave
    • Resourceful
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    Which superpower would you rather have?

    • Strength
    • A tech suite
    • Flying
    • Money
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    In a school year, what role would you most likely play in a group?

    • I wouldn’t be in a group.
    • The leader
    • The solid and good looking one
    • The one that goes off to be by itself
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    When the group gets attacked, what are you most likely to do?

    • Follow the leader’s plan
    • Come up with a plan
    • Be on the lookout for any surprises
    • Sweep in only to save the people in need and forget about the plan
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    What superhero theme would you prefer?

    • A room filled with spiderwebs
    • A modern, state of the art one
    • I would prefer a simple countryside one
    • A cavy, underground one
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    What is the common thing everyone tells you?

    • It would help if you spoke up
    • You are very wise
    • You disappear into the background a lot
    • You are the center of attention
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    What are you afraid of most of the time?

    • Insects
    • Failing
    • Falling
    • Not being famous
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    What do you spend your time doing?

    • Hanging out with my best friend, whom I have known since I was a child
    • Coming up with solutions for problems that affect people
    • Taking pictures of beautiful scenery
    • Partying with other socialites
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    Where would your superhero-themed classroom likely be?

    • It would be a simple classroom, decorated with spiderwebs
    • A mansion in a quiet place of the town lookalike
    • A farmhouse themed classroom
    • An estate close to all the exciting spots in town lookalike
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    Which profession fits you best?

    • An apprentice, regardless of the field.
    • A scientist
    • A photographer
    • A businessman