Your Famous Counterpart: What Celeb Am I Like Quiz

What Celeb Am I Like Quiz

It’s always fun to learn more about your favorite celebrities, and to figure out which of them would be similar enough to get along with.

After all, celebrities are people too, and many of them have the same interests and desires as we do, so there’s a guarantee that there’s at least one celebrity that is like you.

Whether you’re a fan of musicians, actors, or anyone else that’s in the limelight, there are countless examples of famous people with similar personalities to us normal folk.

Answer the questions in today’s What Celeb Am I Like Quiz to figure out which celebrity has the most similar personality to your own.

  • Question of

    You’re going to a party. What do you wear?

    • Keep it punk with some wild colors mixed in.
    • A startling black outfit with some sheer accessories.
    • A pink turtleneck with some blue jeans.
    • Keep it simple with a powder blue dress.
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    You hear your friends talking about you behind your back – what do you do?

    • Use your emotions to create some of the best art of your life.
    • Go out for a night without them and make some new friends.
    • Confront them about it and see what they have to say.
    • Explore your emotions by writing what you feel in your journal.
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    What’s your favorite of the following events?

    • An alternative concert
    • Caribbean carnival
    • A pop concerts
    • A country music festival
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    Which of these words describes you best?

    • Trend-setter
    • Fiery
    • Hard-working
    • Loyal
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    What is your main weakness?

    • Being misunderstood
    • Being too trustworthy
    • Never knowing when to stop working
    • Not being afraid to speak your mind, even when it’s inconvenient
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    What’s your favorite music genre?

    • Underground
    • Reggae
    • Pop
    • Country
  • Question of

    Where would you rather go on vacation?

    • Hawaii
    • The Caribbean
    • Italy
    • Utah
  • Question of

    What’s your favorite color?

    • Black
    • Green
    • Cyan
    • Purple
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    Do you have a large group of friends?

    • Not really, but my friends are very close-knit
    • I have a large group of friends, but sometimes I feel like we aren’t all that close
    • I don’t have a huge number of friends, but we all work in the same field or share the same interests.
    • I have a huge circle of friends
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    What band inspires you?

    • Marina and the Diamonds
    • Aaliyah
    • Christina Aguilera
    • Shania Twain