Yummy/Gooey? Try The What Dessert Are You Quiz to Find Out?

what dessert are you quiz

Everyone loves desserts. It is the perfect finish to a meal.

For some, it can be the whole meal!. Desserts are so versatile.

They can be super cold or frozen, rich and gooey, and can be tiny and sophisticated looking.

Take the what dessert are you quiz to find out if you are yummy cold ice cream, gooey cake, or something more sophisticated.

  • Question of

    Which is your favorite food?

    • Pizza or burger any day
    • A good rice bowl
    • I love a veggie wrap
    • Tomato Soup is my go-to dish
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    Pick one of these sporting activities that you will most likely do

    • Play basketball
    • Go for swimming
    • Go for a yoga class
    • Practice archery
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    Which is your favorite go-to drink?

    • Definitely a soda
    • I love lemonades
    • I’m a smoothie kind of person
    • Definitely coffee
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    Which is animal would you adopt if you were asked to adopt one?

    • Of course, a dog! Why anything else?
    • A fish, they are less maintenance
    • A bird, they’re adorable and beautiful to look at
    • Definitely a cat. They don’t need too much of my attention
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    Pick your favorite ice-cream flavor?

    • Nothing beats mint chocolate chip
    • Cookies and cream hands down
    • Strawberry ice-cream is my soulmate
    • Everybody’s favorite vanilla
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    What is your favorite time of the day?

    • I love evenings after sunset
    • I’m most active in the afternoons
    • I’m a morning person
    • I’m an owl who can function only at night
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    How do you react to tense situations?

    • I panic a lot and need someone beside me
    • I try to maintain my calm
    • I am chill and know how to control the situation
    • I remain focused in such situations
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    What is the most used app in your phone?

    • Instagram bro, who isn’t addicted to it?
    • I’m always checking updates on LinkedIn
    • My friends always find me watching videos on YouTube
    • I’m always watching something on Netflix
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    If you could have only one of these for life, which one would you pick?

    • Can’t live without smartphone
    • My laptop or computer, they are my life
    • I will never be able to function without music
    • Can I please always have my video games?
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    How would you describe your life?

    • Very exciting
    • Very organized
    • Very relaxing
    • Very meaningful