What Do I Like to Do for Fun Quiz: What Do You Enjoy?

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    What would be a good gift for someone to give you for your birthday?

    • A first-edition copy of Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin.
    • A $1 million GTA$ Shark Card for Grand Theft Auto V.
    • A year-long subscription to your favorite streaming service.
    • A new baseball bat, complete with a mitt suited for your position of choice.
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    What sounds like a fun weekend to you?

    • Having some peace and quiet so that you can spend some time alone.
    • Hanging out on Discord with your friends playing games.
    • Heading to the cinema with your friends.
    • A game of pick-up football.
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    Which attribute would people use to describe you?

    • Studious
    • Attentive
    • Detail-oriented
    • Athletic
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    Which of the following people do you idolize?

    • J.R.R. Tolkien
    • Shigeru Miyamoto
    • Martin Scorsese
    • Tom Brady
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    Which of the following rooms would you like to have in your house?

    • A study
    • A gaming room
    • A home cinema
    • A gym
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    Which of these events was more impactful to you?

    • The creation of the Lord of the Rings movie adaptations.
    • The release of the Nintendo Switch.
    • The release of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.
    • The Chiefs winning the Super Bowl.
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    What was your favorite activity as a child?

    • Reading out loud for the class.
    • Playing on your Nintendo DS at recess.
    • Checking out the movie posters at the cinema.
    • Playing soccer with your friends outside.
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    What kind of history do you appreciate most?

    • Real history
    • Video game history
    • The history of cinema
    • Sports history
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    What’s Your Best Ability?

    • Speed reading
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Memory
    • Reflexes
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    Your friends are over. What’s the first thing you do together?

    • Talk about the latest novel you each read.
    • Challenge each other to a round of Mario Kart.
    • Watch the latest summer blockbuster.
    • Head to the nearest court to get a game of basketball going.

Written by Siddhesh Jain

My name is Siddhesh Jain, and I'm the fastest man alive (when it comes to learning, that is). I've been acquiring knowledge and learning new strategies for years, and I'm here to share my vast experience with you. What's my goal? Simple, I want to help every young entrepreneur succeed. Follow me on my journey!