What Do I Want In A Relationship? Find out here!

What Do I Want In A Relationship Quiz

Have you recently started dating someone? Are you finally ready to take your relationship to the next level?.

Or, maybe you’ve been going through a rough phase.

Regardless, all these situations may make you wonder what you really want from the relationship.

So, if you’ve been unsure lately, take our accurate What Do I Want In A Relationship Quiz to discover your heart’s desire!

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    You’re all set to give a speech at the charity. However, your partner arrived late. What do you tell him/her?

    • Where have you been? I needed you!
    • I wish you were a little more responsible
    • I missed you
    • Nothing
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    Are you ready to settle down with this person?

    • Yes I’m ready to settle with him/her
    • Kind of
    • Can’t say
    • Not yet
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    What’s your idea of a perfect date?

    • Attend their favorite show/event
    • Romantic getaway/dinner
    • Netflix and chill
    • Disneyland
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    Is there something you want to change in your partner? What is it?

    • I wish he/she was more supportive.
    • I wish he/she was more expressive when it comes to showing love
    • I wish he/she was a little more adventurous in bed
    • I wish he/she was a tad funnier and trendy
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    Imagine this – you landed your dream job. Sadly, you’ll have to leave your partner and family behind and travel to a foreign state. How do you want your partner to react?

    • Support me in my decision
    • Be happy for me
    • Spend the remaining days with each other as much as we can
    • Can’t say
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    What are your thoughts on PDA?

    • I don’t mind
    • It depends on my partner
    • If my partner isn’t up for PDA, it might be a problem for me
    • Hell, yeah!
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    Which place would you like to visit with your partner?

    • Hawaii
    • Paris/Santorini
    • Bali
    • Las Vegas
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    What’s that one trait you just cannot tolerate in a potential partner?

    • Selfishness
    • Abuse
    • Extremely Insecure
    • Boring/dull
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    Do you hold your partner responsible for your happiness?

    • No I’m responsible for my happiness
    • Yes he/she are responsible
    • Kind of isn’t it their duty to keep me happy?
    • Of course
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    Do you want a fling or a serious relationship?

    • At this stage? Marriage!
    • Serious relationship
    • Serious relationship with some romantic talks
    • Fling would do
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    Do you still communicate with your ex?

    • Nope we don’t talk
    • We’re just friends
    • Only sometimes
    • Yes we talk daily