Find Out What Era Is Your Face From?

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    Which one of these items is your most prized possession?

    • My mascara
    • Definitely blush
    • The body glitter
    • I cannot live without my eyeliner
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    What shape of body do you think you have?

    • An hourglass probably
    • I consider myself an apple shape
    • I am more rectangular
    • I might be an upside-down triangle
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    What’s your best strength?

    • I’m quite creative
    • You can trust me wholeheartedly
    • My dedication to anything
    • I am very disciplined
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    Would you consider yourself a tall human?

    • I’m petite and short
    • Yes. I’m quite huge
    • Not really
    • For sure
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    What is the one pet peeve that angers you the most?

    • Little children who love to scream in public areas
    • People who lie
    • Unethical behavior’s
    • Cheaters are the worst
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    What is one thing from past fashion trends that you love the most?

    • I love being on present trends
    • Nothing beats the natural look
    • Shiny Lipgloss
    • The old glam in Hollywood
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    Which fashion era is the best, according to you?

    • I love the 90’s
    • Bring back the 70’s
    • Nothing is more fabulous than the ’80s
    • It’s all about the ’60s
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    What is one feature on your face that is most noticeable?

    • My doe eyes
    • My pale and smooth skin
    • My luscious lips
    • My sharp jawline
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    Which among the following is your ideal style icon?

    • I love BeyoncĂ©
    • The famous Marilyn Monroe
    • Queen Elizabeth I, the Queen of style.
    • There’s no one quite like Rita Hayworth.
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    What would you choose as your best feature?

    • My curves, for sure
    • My long, luscious hair
    • Slender legs
    • A full bust