What is your clothing aesthetic? Check out this quiz

what is my clothing aesthetic quiz

This ultimate what is my clothing aesthetic quiz will reveal your most appropriate style.

However, it does so in terms of your nature. Some companies are attempting to alter the personalities of their customers.

The number one priority for them is to generate loyal customers.

As a result, it’s easier to fall for their styles these days and form an opinion about “who you are” based on what they suggest.

  • Question of

    What fashion style suits you best:

    • Bohemian fashion style
    • Exotic fashion style
    • Sexy fashion Style
    • Casual fashion style
  • Question of

    Pick an outfit for a party:

    • Yellow shift dress
    • Blue body con dress
    • Green sheath dress
    • Empire waist dress
  • Question of

    Pick Outfit for a date:

    • A-line skirt
    • Vintage blazer
    • Blue wrap
    • Green silhouette
  • Question of

    Pick an outfit for summer:

    • Casual Long yellow dress
    • Cute pink mini dress
    • Comfy t-shirt
    • Maxi aesthetic
  • Question of

    Pick an outfit for winter:

    • Cute long coats
    • Pink sweatshirts
    • Knitted body con dress
    • Sweaters
  • Question of

    Please reveal how is your future partner like?

    • You and he are friends. He is confident and wears classic clothes.
    • Cute and caring. Likes wearing sneakers
    • Good looking and fun. Loves music
    • Artistic. It has a futuristic wardrobe and enjoys shopping
  • Question of

    Would you choose:

    • World
    • Fashion styles
    • Beach
    • Stores
  • Question of

    Which type of sunglasses do you like?

    • Oval
    • Butterfly or fun ones
    • Cat eyes
    • Club master style
  • Question of

    Which type of shoes do you prefer:

    • Sneakers
    • Flip flops
    • Chelsea boot
    • All the shoes
  • Question of

    Pick one of the words:

    • Life
    • Trending
    • Focus
    • Dark