Explore: What Is Your Secret Phobia Quiz?

what’s your secret phobia quiz

Fearing something is completely different than having a phobia.

For instance, you may scream and get scared of spotting a snake.

However, that feeling is amplified and totally different for a person with Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes). Do you think you have a hidden phobia you’re yet to find out?.

Take our reliable what’s your secret phobia quiz to find the answer!

  • Question of

    What’s your idea of perfect summer vacation?

    • Soak up all the sun at a beach
    • Anywhere in this world with my friends and family
    • Learn a new skill
    • Does not hanging out and staying indoors count?
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    How do you usually feel at a social gathering?

    • I enjoy social gatherings.
    • I feel my best, and most energized when I’m in the company of people
    • As long as the event doesn’t have anything to do with creepy crawlies, I’m totally fine!
    • I feel lost
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    Do you love animals?

    • Yes, who doesn’t love them!
    • I love dogs
    • It depends on which animal
    • Yes, I have a pet
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    You’re on your yearly camping trip. You spot a snake in the stream. What would you do?

    • Click pictures
    • Scream in fear
    • Run away for the sake of my life
    • I can’t say
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    Do you love adventurous trips and activities?

    • As long as my feet are on land, I’m fine with it!
    • Alone? Nope. With loved ones? Heck yes!
    • I’m up for anything except going to the forest
    • Not really. I prefer to stay alone in my room.
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    What do you take with you if you are to live in a cabin for a week?

    • My smartphone
    • Do friends and family count?
    • Fill my bags with bug repellent
    • My pets, obviously!
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    What’s your take on skydiving or any similar activity?

    • Even the thought of it is sending shivers down my spine
    • Skydiving is fun only when done with friends
    • Hmmm…it depends on the day and on my mood
    • Heck no!
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    Do you enjoy roller coaster rides?

    • Anything that takes my feet off the ground too high scares me!
    • It’s scary but fun
    • If the roller coaster is free of snakes, then yes!
    • I don’t even remember the last time I saw a roller coaster
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    Do you enjoy your own company?

    • I don’t mind
    • Nope. Honestly? I kind of feel anxious when alone.
    • It depends on where I am
    • Yes! Yes! Yes!
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    Here are some instances. Which one do you dread most?

    • You’re riding a 220 feet drop tower.
    • You’re living in a remote place for a complete year
    • You’re trapped in a room filled with snakes
    • You’re on stage about to give your first public speech