Find Your Style with What Should Be Your Wedding Style Quiz!

what should be your wedding style quiz

Weddings are fun. Every bride and groom put a lot of thought into their weddings.

When there are so many styles to choose from, it can be very confusing.

You need to choose right for one of the biggest days of your life.

Take the what should be your wedding style quiz to find out the perfect style for you.

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    What is an ideal date night for you?

    • Fine dine and long drive
    • Go hiking and stop for a picnic
    • Go for a dance class
    • Visit a spa and chill
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    Which would be your favorite decorating style?

    • Elegant and antique
    • Rustic and warm
    • Unique and colorful
    • Contemporary and minimalist
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    How would the cover of your wedding album look like?

    • Picture of us posing against a beautiful floral backdrop
    • Picture of us with our families
    • The photo of us dancing our heart away
    • Photo of the most interesting piece of décor
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    Which color palette matches your taste the most?

    • Warm neutrals or pastels
    • Earthy tones
    • Dramatic combinations
    • Grey and white hues
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    Which is your dream place for you wedding?

    • A classic and luxurious ballroom
    • At a farm house
    • On a calm beach
    • A massive rooftop
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    How many guests are you likely to invite?

    • Over 300 guests minimum
    • Not more than 50
    • Not more than 100
    • Over 100 but less than 200
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    What do you like doing the most with your friends?

    • Go dancing to a salsa club
    • Relax with them
    • Go for shopping and explore the city
    • Throw a game night or food party for your friends
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    What is your dream wedding gown?

    • Lacy sleeves with chapel train
    • Bohemian and comfortable
    • Colorful and daring
    • Casual yet classy
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    Which kind of band would perform at your wedding reception?

    • Classical orchestra
    • Folk artists or country singers
    • Famous pop star or high-beat DJ
    • Jazz or blues group
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    Your reception food will surely include..

    • A spread of small plates
    • A photo booth
    • A dessert bar
    • A buffet to suit every type