What State Should I Live in Based on My Personality?

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    Where do you want your house to be located?

    • In the city
    • Beachfront
    • On a ranch
    • Where you can have your privacy
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    How do you feel about being around a lot of people?

    • I love it
    • I can usually handle it, but I want my privacy on some days
    • I like my neighbors but I’m not a big fan of strangers
    • I don’t like people
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    Which of these jobs sounds like the best to you?

    • Stockbroker
    • Actor
    • Gas refinery manager
    • Rancher
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    How do you feel about driving?

    • I hate it
    • I don’t mind traffic that much
    • I like driving
    • I love long-distance drives
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    What would be the ideal pet for you?

    • I don’t like pets
    • I prefer cats
    • I’d love to own a dog
    • A horse would be the pet for me
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    Where do you like going on vacation?

    • The Hamptons
    • To Cabo
    • Within my state
    • To Canada
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    How do you feel about public transit?

    • I always take public transit
    • I use public transit sometimes but not frequently
    • I rarely use public transit
    • I never use public transit
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    How do you feel about spending money?

    • I love spending money.
    • I’ll splurge from time to time, but not frequently.
    • I spend an average amount of money.
    • I like saving as much money as possible.
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    How much do you value your independence?

    • I’m indifferent about how independent I am
    • I don’t mind relying on others for help
    • I think I’m more independent than most people
    • I’m the most independent person I know
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    How do you feel about cold weather?

    • I can live with it
    • I’ll welcome snow on rare occasions
    • I hate cold weather
    • I love the winter

Written by Siddhesh Jain

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