Invest Wise With What Stock Should I Buy Quiz

what stock should I buy quiz

When it comes to money, it can be quite tricky to identify suitable investments that could turn profitable.

The market is full of opportunities. If you plan to go the stocks way, you ought to know a thing or two about them.

There are just too many stocks to choose from, and it can be very confusing to choose just one.

Try our what stock should I buy quiz to get some clarity.

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    Would you say you are a risk taker?

    • Yes, a 100%.
    • To a large extent
    • To some degree
    • Not at all
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    How much knowledge do you have about the stock market?

    • I’m an expert
    • More than average
    • I know the basics
    • Nothing at the moment
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    Do you want to invest at the stock market for a long time?

    • No, I will withdraw whenever I get a good dividend
    • Depends on the gains or losses
    • Yes for sometime
    • For a long time
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    How much of your income would like to spend on stocks?

    • 80% of it
    • 50% only
    • I’m ready to shell 40%
    • I’m not sure
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    Are you scared to invest in stock market?

    • Nope, I’m too confident about investing
    • Somewhat scared
    • Should I be?
    • Quite a lot
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    What do you want from your stock investment?

    • I want to earn maximum income now. I’m fine with the risks
    • I want some money now but with a potential growth.
    • I don’t want to lose money even if that means lower gains
    • I don’t need high gains now. I’m looking for growth in the long run.
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    Have people in your circle invested in the stock market?

    • Yes, all my friends and families hold shares
    • Majority of my friends do
    • A few of them
    • A friend has
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    What is your motivation of investing in stock market?

    • To enjoy a lavish life
    • To be able to reinvest and generate more income
    • To pay my vacation bills
    • Because everyone’s doing
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    How often do you check the stocks?

    • Every morning as soon as I wake up
    • Whenever I get the time
    • Once a week
    • I don’t check
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    If you lose your entire household’s regular source of income today, how long would you survive with your non-retirement savings?

    • We’ll be okay for over a year
    • For 6 months
    • For 2-3 months
    • Less than 2 months