What Type of Guy Do I Like? Find Out with This Quiz!

what type of guy do I like quiz

Everyone has a type, and this what type of guy do I like quiz will help you work out what yours is!

Every guy is unique, but there are a few brackets that most will fit into relatively comfortably.

Different aspects of their personalities will appeal to different people, and sometimes it can be hard for us to figure out what we want in life and from our partner.

Thankfully we’re here to help you figure it out!

We’ve put together this quiz so you can work out what kind of guy is going to tick your boxes!

Let’s get started!

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    He’s taking you on a date. Where do you want to go?

    • The nicest restaurant in town
    • A museum or a play sounds perfect
    • Rock climbing
    • Anywhere, as long as it’s on the back of his motorcycle
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    What’s his job?

    • Something businessy
    • Something sciency
    • Something sporty
    • He can be flipping burgers for all I care as long as he’s hot
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    Where does he take you on vacation?

    • The Maldives
    • Somewhere in Europe
    • Backpacking around Asia
    • Somewhere for dark tourists
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    How long before he asks you to move in?

    • 3 months. He’s got plenty of room in that big house of his
    • 1 year. He says that’s sensible
    • 5 years. We spend most of our money on traveling first
    • We need to keep some aspects of our lives separate
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    What’s his drink of choice?

    • Expensive Scotch
    • A good wine
    • A beer will do
    • Anything that will get us drunk
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    Has he finished his schooling?

    • I don’t care what the degree is, it’s making him lots of money
    • He has a good degree
    • He finished high school
    • No, it doesn’t matter
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    You’re going on vacation to somewhere a few states over. How do you get there?

    • His private jet
    • Airline, economy style. What’s the point in wasting money on first class?
    • A road trip sounds fun
    • Probably Greyhound
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    Would he rob a bank for you if you asked?

    • Why would he need to when he’s already rich?
    • No way
    • He thinks it sounds kind of fun, but can’t work out the logistics
    • Of course, he would!
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    Another guy tries moving in on you. How would your man fight for you?

    • He’d threaten to destroy the guy’s life
    • He’d defuse the situation with his words
    • He’d challenge him and make him back down
    • He’d FIGHT for me
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    How would you want him to propose?

    • In Paris. Duh
    • Where we had our first date
    • On top of a mountain
    • He isn’t the marrying type, and neither am I