Which Body Type Are You? Take This Body Type Quiz to Find Out!

Body Type Quiz

No two people are alike, that’s a fact.

We’re different in facial features; we’re different in personalities, and, of course, we’re different in body types.

The thing is, although there are unlimited possibilities when it comes to facial features and personalities, there are only three body types.

If you’re curious as to which somatotype you are, take this body type quiz to find out!

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    Try encircling your wrist with your other hand’s thumb and middle finger. What happened?

    • My fingers didn’t touch at all
    • My fingers overlapped
    • My fingers just touched
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    Where do you store fat the most?

    • In my hips, thighs, and buttocks
    • In my abdomen as well as my back
    • My weight is evenly distributed
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    Which of the following best describes your physique?

    • I’m thin and long, with a small frame with narrow shoulders
    • I have a soft and round body
    • My body is rectangular with well-defined muscles
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    How easy is it for you to put on weight?

    • Super hard. I can eat whatever I want and still look exactly the same
    • Super easy. I can eat a donut and add on like ten pounds
    • It depends on what I eat and how often I do it
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    Which of the following best describes your eating habits and metabolism?

    • I eat anything and everything while struggling to gain weight
    • If I don’t want to gain weight, I must be super conscious as to what I’m eating
    • I usually do best when I’m on a mixed diet, consuming balanced amounts of carbs, fats, and protein
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    Which body shape best describes you?

    • Thin wrists, fingers, and ankles
    • Thick wrists, fingers, and ankles
    • Broad shoulders
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    Your shoulders are:

    • Narrower than my hips
    • Wider than my hips
    • The same width as my hips
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    Your forearms look:

    • Small
    • Big
    • Average
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    Objectively speaking, which of these elements seems most prominent when you look in the mirror?

    • Bone
    • Bone fat
    • Muscle
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    How was your body when you reached your full height as a teenager or young adult?

    • I looked long and thin
    • I looked soft and rounded
    • I looked lean and compact
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    What happens when you take a prolonged break from exercising?

    • I tend to lose weight and muscle quickly
    • I tend to put on weight
    • I tend to stay the same
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    How do you feel after a heavy carb fest?

    • Am I supposed to feel anything after eating a pizza or something?
    • I feel bloated for hours
    • I usually feel good, but my belly tends to feel a bit full
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    Which of the following best describes your bone structure?

    • My frame is small and delicate
    • My frame is relatively large
    • My frame is medium, I guess?
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    Do you have cellulite?

    • Nope
    • Yes
    • A little
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    If jeans don’t fit, it’s because they’re:

    • Loose in the waist and glutes
    • Tight in the waist and glutes
    • Loose in the waist but tight in the glutes
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    If shirts don’t fit, it’s because they’re:

    • Loose in the chest and waist
    • Tight in the waist
    • Tight in the chest but loose in the waist
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    As a child, you were:

    • Thin
    • Chubby
    • Average
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    What’s your activity level?

    • Always moving and hyperactive
    • Fairly active
    • Sedentary
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    What do people usually tell you regarding your weight?

    • How can you even eat that much and look exactly the same?!
    • You’re getting a bit overweight, have you thought about hitting the gym?
    • You look great, stay the same!
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    When are you hungry?

    • Rarely
    • All the time!
    • At mealtimes