Come, Take Our Which Famous City Should You Live In Quiz

Which famous city should you live in quiz

When you decide to move cities, it can be pretty daunting.

This new city is going to be your new home.

So, it’s essential to make the right choice. It should make you happy, content and help you discover yourself.

Confused? We have the perfect “Which famous city should you live in quiz” to help you identify the ideal city for you.

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    What is the vibe of a city that attracts you?

    • Slow paced city with less hustle and bustle
    • City where everybody is always on the run
    • City with lots of tourist spots like art galleries, museums
    • City with lots of greenery
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    If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

    • Keep some and donate rest to a charity
    • Buy a private jet
    • Save money for your occasion travel around the world
    • Upgrade your apartment to a beautiful and luxurious villa
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    What kind of job would you do in the new city?

    • Become a farmer, grow your own vegetables and sell
    • A business consultant
    • A writer
    • Become a real estate agent
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    What food would like to have for breakfast?

    • A green smoothie and avocado toast
    • Cereals and protein shake
    • Tea and croissant
    • Coffee and fruit bowl
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    How would your friends describe you?

    • Laid back and chill
    • Serious and focused
    • Fun to hang out with
    • A mix of serious and fun
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    Which music do you love the most?

    • Latin pop
    • Hip hop and funky
    • Classical music
    • Folk music
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    Do you have a knack for traveling?

    • Yes, I love responsibly traveling every now and then
    • I wish I could travel more
    • I make sure I go on three trips every year
    • No, there’s a lot to see in my neighborhood
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    Which country would you pick for spending a year in?

    • I find Ireland calm and peaceful!
    • I love America, it feels like home
    • Definitely France
    • I want to live and explore Australia for a year
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    Which of these tourist landmarks would like to visit?

    • Stonehenge in Salisbury
    • Statue of Liberty in New York
    • Eiffel Tower in Paris
    • Sydney Opera House in Sydney
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    Which continent is your least favorite?

    • Asia is too crowded
    • Australia is not my type
    • South America, I guess
    • Europe is too cold