Why Am I So Lazy? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Why Am I So Lazy Quiz

Laziness is a stubborn disease. And if not treated at the right time, it can become chronic! You agree?

We all have our own days when all we want to do is lay in bed! That’s not what we’re dealing with here.

The constant urge to skip work and be at home, the irresistible desire to be on your phone and avoid household chores, –how lazy have you been?

You’ll find all your answers by taking our quick Why Am I So Lazy Quiz!

  • Question of

    What’s your biggest weakness?

    • Being lazy, duh!
    • Sleep (I am constantly sleepy, it’s unbelievable).
    • Inattentiveness
    • Time Management
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    What do you struggle with the most during the day?

    • Almost everything, I’m constantly drained
    • Getting out of bed every morning
    • Hunger
    • Creating a balance with household and office chores
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    What’s your age?

    • Below 20s
    • 20s
    • 20-30s
    • Above 30s
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    What time do you usually sleep? Do you have a fixed sleeping pattern?

    • Anytime.
    • I can’t sleep before 2 AM.
    • Around 10-11 PM
    • Can’t sleep at night
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    When do you usually wake up?

    • I don’t see the mornings! I wake up in the afternoon.
    • 8 AM -ish on weekdays, and 11ish on weekends
    • 6-7 AM
    • 5 AM
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    Where do you usually eat?

    • In bed
    • On my couch, watching TV
    • Usually, Outside
    • Table
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    Which annoys you the most?

    • Running Errands
    • Cooking/Generally being out of bed
    • Office work
    • Laundry/Cleaning/Moving around the house
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    Do you experience any physical pain?

    • Nope. My head does sometimes hurt from sleeping too much (guilty!)
    • No physical pain. Just constantly yawning!
    • Back pain (probably from sitting too much at work)
    • Yes, (headache, body ache, pain in the chest, stomachache, etc.)
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    What do you enjoy doing the most?

    • Nothing! Heh!
    • Sleeping
    • Relaxing on weekends
    • Family time, chilling by the pool, anything that makes me feel relaxed and calm.
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    How are you feeling today?

    • Weak
    • Hungry
    • Drained out
    • Unwell