Sims 4: How To Age Up (Informative Guide)

Sims 4 How To Age Up

The Sims has been loved by gamer’s since its first release in 2000. Now that the franchise is on its fourth installment, it has established quite the fan base. Fans share their creations online, create Youtube videos of speed-building homes, or create their own challenges. Also fans often ask the question in Sims 4: How To Age Up their sims which i’ll cover in this guide.

Further what makes the game so unique is the ability to live out whatever kind of life you want.

With the addition of so many expansion packs (most recently their Snowy Escape expansion) or the creation of community mods, the possibilities are endless.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of The Sims 4 for most players is the unique aging system, but in Sims 4: How To Age Up is confusing gamer’s?.

The game features seven different life stages: baby, toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult, and elder. The game initially didn’t launch with toddlers, but they were added later on in patch 46.

Sims 4 Baby cc

Sims 4: How To Age Up helps you unlocks specific capabilities for your sim. but loses others in the process.

You can age your sims in a few ways. You can go the traditional route that the game intended you to play or you can force aging with cheats.

You may also select to have only the sims in your house hold age or even turn off aging altogether.

Traditional Sims 4: How To Age Up:

Traditionally, you want to start your sim in the Sims 4 as a young adult.

This gives the character more opportunity to advance their skills, build relationships, and work on their career before eventually passing away.

However, there are a few ways to control your sims aging without using cheats.

When you’re in-game, you can click on aging options located in the game options. There are three settings you can choose from: short, normal, and long.

By default, the Sims 4: How To Age Up is set to “normal” lifespan, but some players may find that to be too short, whereas others may find it a bit too long.

Here is the breakdown of how many days it takes for your sims to age by game length:


Baby 1.5

Toddler 4

Child 7

Teen 7

Young Adult 12

Adult 12

Edler Varies


Baby 3

Toddler 7

Child 13

Teen 13

Young Adult 24

Adult 24


Baby 12

Toddler 28

Child 52

Teen 52

Young Adult 96

Adult 96

Elder Varies

We recommend you play on the normal or long lengths of aging. The short aging option in Sims 4 will be very fast making it difficult for a sim to accomplish much in their lives before they die.

Although, there are a few ways your sim can cheat death such as buying a potion of youth or drinking the essence of a dead sim in a cow plant.

The Potion Of Youth

If you want to keep your sims for aging in sims 4, the Potion Of Youth is going to be your best bet if you don’t want to cheat. The potion is purchased by using 1,500 satisfaction points in the rewards store.

This potion will not reset a sim’s entire aging cycle as you may think but will reset only the age bracket your sim.

For example, if your sim is an adult, drinking the potion will not make them a young adult. Instead, it will reset the sim back to the beginning of them. becoming an adult while keeping any skills they have acquired.

The Birthday Cake

Sims will age up automatically on their birthdays, but you can manually age them up by baking them any cake and adding birthday candles to it.

Select the sim you would like to age up and have them blow out the birthday candles to age up.

Sims of all ages can age up via the birthday cake except for elders and babies.

If you want to age up a baby, manually click on their bassinet and hit the “age up” option.

Forced aging:

Forced aging is the act of using cheats in the Sims 4 to age up your character. Why would you want to force aging?

Well, some players find that taking care of babies or toddlers can become tedious long term and want to turn them into teens.

Others might want to revert their favorite sim from an elder back to an adult. The actionable steps to force age your sims are listed below:

  1. Open your in-game console by pressing control + shift + c
  2. Once the console is open, enter the phrase “testingcheats true” this will enable Sims 4 cheats.
  3. Type the Sims 4 age up cheat “cas.fulleditmode”
  4. Close the console by pressing escape on your keyboard
  5. Now click on your sim while holding the shift key
  6. Select “modify in CAS”
  7. Choose your desired age and press play!

If you follow these steps correctly, then you will be able to master Sims 4: How To Age Up technique as well as age down.

Wrapping up:

As you can see, the Sims 4 grants the player many options when it comes to aging their sims up or aging down.

Through traditional gameplay styles (i.e. allowing your sims to have their birthday) or by using the CAS sim cheat, you can have total control of your sims aging up in The Sims 4. Have fun playing!