18 Tech Companies Currently Hiring Amidst 2024 Layoffs

List Of Tech Companies Currently Hiring

As the layoff continues to happen in the tech industry I vividly remember the time when I didn’t have a job, and life started to feel meaningless. I tried my best via job portals, but never really got the right profile and I used to search hours finding which big company had an opening.

Thus the Idea behind this post was to list down as many tech companies possible which are currently hiring, and I’ll try my best to update the post as and when I find more tech companies.

18 Tech Companies Currently Hiring

1. Primis

It’s an video ad discovery platform, and you can access their careers page here:


2. Aniview

This is an video ad server, and you can check their jobs out.

3. Revcontent

They’re an native ad network, and you can view their current opening here


4) Buzzfeed

Is really famous and needs no introduction, so check their openings here


5) WPX

Is an amazing wordpress host, so do check their jobs here


6) Criteo

This is an advertising company, and you can view their listings here


7) Verizon

Is a big tech company, and check their openings here


8) Index Exchange

Is a big advertising marketplace, and check their jobs here


9) Xandr

This was aquired by Microsoft, but you can still check their jobs here


10) Sharethrough 

Is an omnichannel supply side platform, and you can view their listings here


11) Datrixgroup

Is a tech company, and you can view their listing here


12) Media.Net

Is an ad tech company, and you can view their listing here


13) eBay

Is an popular buy and sell marketplace, and you can view their listing here


14) Adapex

Is an Ad Operation company which specialises in Adops and this is their current listing


15) Freestar

Is an Tech based company providing various solutions for Adops and you can see their listings here

16) You.com

Is an privacy based search engine as per it’s description, and you can view their listings here


17) Yep.com

Is an search engine launched by Ahrefs, while it’s in beta they’re yet hiring so check the positions here


18) ConnectAd

is an SSP for publishers as per their description, and you can view their listings here


While not having a job can be hard but my advice would be is not to give up, keep negative thoughts outside and focus this time on learning new skills and exploring new opportunities.

Furthermore one should always apply to 3 – 4 places at a time, but do not apply to all companies in one go, and remember to take a polite follow up.


I am not affiliated with these companies but currently I am a publisher at Adpex, and I do not provide any guarantee if you’ll be selected or paid when it’s due, hence kindly do your own due diligence before accepting a job offer from the above listed companies.

This post was made to help people who lost a job or are looking for a job in these uncertain time’s.