When You Should Replace Your Furnace

When You Should Replace Your Furnace
Furnace burning under a man's supervision

Autumn is making its way into our lives. We are certainly blessed to see another year. And as the chilly evenings of winter come by, we all are now busy looking into our heating equipment. Are they functioning fine?

Do they need repairs? Or does any equipment need to be replaced? Well, it is time to get winter ready!

And the most important thing to check is your furnace! Look for any possible signs of wear and tear and check whether your furnace is demanding for any repair or replacement.

It is quite tough to decipher whether your furnace needs a maintenance service or demands to be replaced.

But you can always consult with experts like Infinity Air Conditioning & Heating regarding this.

The experts are quicker and much more professional at picking out any possible internal damages and fixing them on time.

But if you look a bit closely, you can analyse possible issues on your own too. Let’s guide you through it.

Carbon Monoxide Emission

If the combustion chamber of your furnace is cracked; it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. It would be emitting carbon monoxide which is highly dangerous for your loved ones.

The biggest trouble with carbon monoxide is that it is odorless. Thus, you wouldn’t notice on time that there might be a possible leakage.

Thus, if there is a crack; change your furnace and don’t put anyone at risk.

However, if you catch the issue on time, without the combustion chamber being cracked, it can be repaired. Here are some signs that showcase carbon monoxide emission:

  • Rust on pipes
  • The flame is yellow instead of blue
  • The upward draught in the chimney is not available

Feeling nauseated out of nowhere and prevalence of headaches

Replace your Furnace if it has been 15 years old

When was the last time you got your furnace installed? If it has been 15 years then you don’t need repair services; you need to get it replaced.

No matter how expensive and high-end furnaces you invest it; they all have an expiry date. And no furnace lasts longer than 15 years.

Some die within 8-10 years. And you are lucky if yours has been functioning till now. If your furnace is 15 years old; we recommend you to buy a new one, which is more efficient.

Boosted Repair Costs

If your furnace has broken down a lot last year, don’t even consider giving it a try this year. Call in the experts and get it replaced.

Many amazing companies offer furnace replacements as well. Give them a try. Also, if your heating bills have increased significantly over time, without your usage frequency being increased; your furnace is demanding for a replacement too.

It might be an internal issue too but it is usually an urgent need of replacement.


As winter approaches, we all love the feeling of warm water running down our hands and a hot shower too. For this, your furnace needs to be running just fine.

Thus, before the season hits us in full swing; it is best to get a regular maintenance service run on your furnace.

Check it for any possible issues and get it repaired before it causes a major breakdown or trouble. You can also detect any potential problems with the furnace on your own as well, with the above-mentioned tips.