Gamers, Rejoice! Here Are the Best Fortnite Settings!

Best Fortnite Settings

Why is everyone’s looking for the best Fortnite settings all of a sudden?

Well, it’s simple! Fortnite Battle Royale has taken the world by storm as one of the gaming industry’s giants. Everyone and their mother know what Fortnite is at this point.

Heck, most people even know most Fortnite skins by now.

While most people who play Fortnite do it casually without the intention of winning, getting your first Victory Royale is an amazing feeling.

If you want to increase the odds of winning, making your experience feel more responsive and smoother, you might want to do two things: monitor your ping, and slightly tweak the settings.

Having the best Fortnite settings is all about optimizing the game settings to maximize performance and FPS.

So, here are the best Fortnite settings!

System Requirements – Minimum and Recommended Specs for Fortnite

Here are the recommended system requirements for Fortnite alongside the minimum PC specs according to Epic Games:

Minimum System Requirements

  • Video Card: Intel HD 4000 on PC or Intel Iris Pro 5200 or equivalent AMD GPU on Mac
  • Processor: Core i3-3225 3.3 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM

If your PC only meets the minimum requirements, it means that you’ll have to play on the lowest settings.

Recommended System Requirements

  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 or equivalent DX11 GPU
  • Video Memory: 2 GB VRAM
  • Processor: Core i5-7300U 3.5 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM

Best Fortnite In-Game Settings

If you happen to own a beefy gaming setup with top of the line specs, you won’t have to worry about tweaking your settings as setting things at maximum will still result in excellent performance and a high and consistent FPS.

With that said, not everyone has a gaming setup that can handle such settings at all times. In most cases, tweaking the settings is crucial if you want stable FPS. Let us take a look at each setting and what it does.

Window Mode: this controls whether the game is running Fullscreen mode or windowed mode. Running the game in Fullscreen means that it’s prioritized over other background processes and given fewer resources as a consequence.

Display Resolution: The display resolution should always be set just like your monitor’s native resolution. The only case where you’d want to lower it is if you have lowered all other settings and still can’t get consistent FPS.

Frame Rate Limit: It’s recommended that you set your Frame Rate Limit to a value that is 20 frames higher than your refresh rate. In most cases, this will fall between 120-240 frames.

If you happen to own a 240Hz monitor along with a beastly PC, set the Frame Rate Limit to “Unlimited.”

3D Resolution: 3D Resolution is just like the Display Resolution, except it applies only to the 3D renderer of the game.

As such, if you want to change the resolution of the game, just change the Display Resolution and keep the 3D resolution at %100.

View Distance: Unless your PC is struggling to maintain a high and stable FPS, keep this setting set to far or epic. View Distance is crucial as it helps you perceive threats from far away and strategize accordingly.

Shadows: Shadows don’t give any competitive advantage. Consequently, it’s better to turn them off for maximum performance.

Anti-aliasing: Anti-aliasing eliminates jaggy edges by smoothening them. However, its impact is negligible. As such, it’s better off being disabled in favor of performance.

Texture: It’s recommended that textures be set to medium or high if possible. Low-quality textures can affect visibility and make everything look blurry.

Unless your PC can’t handle medium textures, it’s recommended you at least put them at medium quality.

Effects: Effects don’t give any advantage aside from making the game look prettier. They can become a nuisance if too much is happening on screen. Put them on low.

Post Processing: You can think of Post Processing as a bunch of filters being added to the rendered frames. There’s much more that goes on in Post Processing, but to put it simply, it isn’t worth the performance hit from a competitive standpoint. Put this on low as well.

Vsync: Vertical synchronization causes a delay between when the image is displayed on the monitor and what is happening in real-time.

This can make the game feel much less responsive. Unless you have horrible screen tearing, disable Vsync.

Motion Blur: Motion Blur is the bane of every game’s graphics. There are barely any games that manage to implement it in a good way, and yet developers keep implementing it for some weird reason, and it almost always makes the game look worse and blurry. Make sure you turn this off.

Optimize Your PC Settings for Fortnite

Once you have found the Best Fortnite Settings, it’s time to tweak the settings of your PC. By this, we mean that if you have a lot of programs and processes running in the background and cluttering your CPU and RAM, then you need to close them.

To do so, open up the Task Manager by simultaneously pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete and selecting the “Task Manager” if you’re on Windows 10.

The Task Manager allows you to do a lot of things. Not only can you stop programs and processes that are running, but you also get a detailed overview of the overall resource distribution so you can pinpoint exactly where any problem might lie.

Additionally, you can even choose which apps are opened on startup. If you’re struggling with slow startup times, you can simply navigate to the startup tab and disable any program you don’t need to launch straight after the startup.

Laptop Power Optimizations

If you’re using a Laptop to play Fortnite, make sure you are not running it in Power Saving mode. Open up the Windows menu and search for “Choose power plan.”

This will show you the power plan menu. Whenever you’re playing games in general, you should opt for the High-Performance mode as the Power Saving mode greatly hampers performance.

Optimize Nvidia Settings

If you happen to own an Nvidia graphics card, you’ll probably need to check the NVIDIA Control Panel and have a look at the NVIDIA 3D settings.

One of the ways you can bring up the NVIDIA Control Panel is by right-clicking on your desktop and selecting it from the menu.

When inside, you can choose to change the settings for all programs and games, or you can choose a specific program to tweak its settings.

Click on Global Settings or Program Settings and look for Fortnite. Selecting Global Settings means that the changes will affect all programs.

  • Set Maximum pre-rendered frames to 1.
  • Set Preferred Refresh Rate to “Highest Available.”
  • Set Power Management Mode to “Prefer maximum performance.”
  • Enable Threaded Optimization
  • Disable Vertical Sync
  • Click apply and close the control panel.

Best Fortnite Settings: Video Settings

The best Fortnite settings will depend on what your own goals. Do you want maximum competitive advantage? Or do you want the game to look pretty? If you want the latter, then you can simply opt for the highest settings.

However, the pros would tell you that putting all the settings on max can actually affect in-game visibility and put you at a disadvantage in some cases.

The best Fortnite settings should have a decent balance between looking good and running smoothly.

One of the most important things is that your PC should be able to run the game in a stable 60 FPS with the settings that you’ve chosen. If it can’t reach 60 FPS in the lowest settings, you might want to consider upgrading your PC.

Having the best performance and a stable FPS is what will make or break the gaming experience and feel of the game. The higher the FPS, the more responsive the game will feel.

You also need the FPS to be stable and consistent. FPS drops are the worst thing you can experience in an intense fight, and it could very easily cost you a match.

Best Resolution & Refresh Rate in Fortnite

Most Fortnite professional players play on 1080p resolution, which is 1920×1080. There are players who take it a step further and play in 1440p resolution. However, that isn’t necessary, and 1080p should be more than enough.

The optimal resolution would be your monitor’s native resolution. Anything above won’t make a difference other than hurt performance. Anything less will make things very blurry.

Best Mouse Settings for Fortnite

Sensitivity & eDPI in Fortnite

The sensitivity and eDPI are also essential to tackle when looking for the best Fortnite settings.

Before the update in summer 2018, Fortnite used to have the vertical sensitivity be 70% that of the horizontal sensitivity.

Most players prefer to have consistent sensitivity, both vertically and horizontally. However, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the sensitivity that you have chosen.

In Fortnite, you’ll find yourself aiming at moving targets. If you want your aim to be accurate, you need to make sure that your eDPI isn’t too high. If it’s set to a high value, you’ll struggle with distant targets as well as moving targets as you won’t be able to make accurate movements.

If the eDPI value is too low, you’ll have the opposite problem where you won’t be able to catch up with your target, and you’ll be too slow.

The best thing is to find the middle ground. A sensitivity that is neither too high nor too low. This way, you can be versatile. The sensitivity you choose must allow you to be both quick and precise with your turns.

You also need to feel comfortable with the sensitivity you’ve chosen. Everyone has their own preferences. There is no magical sensitivity that will instantly make you the best at the game.

Targeting sensitivity & eDPI in Fortnite

When you aim down your sights in Fortnite (or ADS for short), the sensitivity will change from your regular sensitivity. There is a specific setting that lets you control your ADS sensitivity.  It’s recommended that you keep both sensitivities close to each other in value.

However, if your regular sensitivity doesn’t allow you to aim precisely, you might want to adjust your ADS sensitivity so you can be more accurate.

There seem to be two popular opinions among pros. Some pros will tell you that both sensitivities should be the same as it helps you instill muscle memory more easily.

Other pros will tell you that if you want the ADS sensitivity to be different from the regular one, then you’ll need to set the regular sensitivity to 1 while using 0.5 for the ADS sensitivity.

Either way, your regular sensitivity, and ADS sensitivities shouldn’t be worlds apart as it will make the transition from hip fire to ADS jarring.

Scope Sensitivity & eDPI in Fortnite

Scope sensitivity is similar to ADS sensitivity in that it allows you to have a different sensitivity for when you’re using scoped weapons. Your scope sensitivity should allow you to aim with great precision.

Being able to quickly turn your character is important for close-range situations. However, when you’re aiming at a target that’s far away, you’ll want to be more stable and slow with your shots so you can land all of them.

Most players gravitate towards having similar ADS and Scope sensitivities for better consistency and a smoother transition between aiming and hip fire. Just like with ADS sensitivity, your scoped sensitivity shouldn’t be too different from your regular sensitivity or your ADS sensitivity.

Best Fortnite Settings: Keybinds

Finally, we get to keybinds, the final piece when optimizing the best Fortnite settings.

In Fortnite, shooting can only get you so far until you face a player that surrounds you with walls and confuses you until he gains the advantages and beat you.

Building is extremely important. It’s a skill that every player should have in their skillset as it will allow them to get out of sticky situations and sway the tides of battle to their favor.

While your key binds will mostly be a matter of personal preference, you’ll also need to make sure that they’re laid out in a way where you can easily reach whichever key you need.

Whether you need to build walls, floors, stairs, or do any other action, you need to be able to quickly do them.

Here’s the key bind setup of Tfue, which is one of the best Fortnite players out there:

Wall R
Floor E
Stairs Q
Roof Mouse5
Trap F
Use MW Down
Building Edit Mouse 4 / V / MW UP

All of the keys are easily reachable. A setup such as this makes it much easier to quickly build up structure when you’re in the heat of battle.