Best Free Roku Channel: Latest Picks from Across 4 Popular Categories

Best Free Roku Channels

Best Free Roku Channel: Latest Picks from Across 4 Popular Categories

Connected TV (CTV) has become ridiculously popular of late thanks to its flexibility and versatility. It has, no doubt, changed the way we interact with content and how we watch it (on-demand to fit our busy schedules).

In the midst of all that, one CTV platform has managed to stand out – Roku TV. Founded in 2002, this streaming service has seen its popularity rise from strength to strength thanks to its low-cost gadgets and a wide variety of channels to choose from.

Not yet on Roku? Well, you’re missing out on a lot. We’re talking intuitive controls, high-quality content, and a wide selection of free channels. Yup, you read that right. Roku is a boon for anyone looking to enjoy hours and hours of free entertainment.

Want to binge on your favorite on-demand shows without shouldering the burden of costly subscriptions? Be my guest! Here’s a breakdown of the best Roku channels that are completely free to watch.

Sports Channels

CBS Sports Stream & Watch Live

This channel hosts an impressive collection of programs ranging from ones about major sporting events to ones capturing highlights of the top moments from the world’s highly sought-after leagues. On top of that, experts from the CBS team are always on hand to provide you with cutting-edge match analyses, betting advice, and fantasy football recommendations..

Space Channels


What better way to experience the wonders of the outer world than from big brother himself? Well, the NASA channel on Roku is jam-packed with shows that are well…out of this world! With new content added daily, it would take you years to digest the tons of educational information available on this streaming channel.

Joe Screwdriver’s NASA Channel

If you’re after the following three things – live feeds from NASA, space news, and commentary then the Joe Screwdriver’s NASA Channel is for you. Created by Instant TV, one of the leading suppliers of content to Roku, the channel posts exciting videos about NASA missions literally giving you a front-row seat to the many wonders of the final frontier.



Tubi is designed for users looking for simple, on-demand movies at no cost. The Fox-owned channel is filled with all manner of popular movie titles across multiple genres. With top studios like MGM and Lionsgate supplying them with content, Tubi has got to be the best free Roku channel we’ve come across so far.


Known for its vast content library, Crackle is one of the gems available on Roku at zero fees. Their wide selection of movies comes mostly from ex-Netflix titles as well as Crackle’s original programming. On the flip side, though, the picture quality tops out at 480p. Luckily, they make up for it by providing smooth, uninterrupted streaming (no buffering).


Auto by

From car reviews to auto industry news, this channel features plenty of content for motoring enthusiasts. And although the bulk of its content comprises infomercials from different car manufacturers, there’s still a lot to gain from it especially if you’re in the quest for a new whip.

GT Channel

Yearning for something exhilarating? This is the channel you need to look for on Roku. Available absolutely free of charge, the GT Channel features everything from “touge” battles to drifting videos, and rallycross. As a bonus, the platform also streams live motor events ensuring you’re always up to speed with the latest in the automotive world.