Powerful Guide: Call of Duty Ghosts Best Guns

Call of Duty Ghosts Best Guns

Even though Call of Duty as a franchise has been known to reward skill and talent, having the best equipment and wagons will improve your odds at winning games and topping scoreboards. We’ll be separating the Call of Duty Ghosts Best Guns based on weapon classes.

Without further ado, let us take a look at the Call of Duty Ghosts Best Guns.

Call of Duty Ghosts Best Guns: Assault Rifles

We’re kicking things off strong with this excellent weapon: The Remington R5. This weapon’s low recoil and high damage make for a deadly combination.

In fact, this combination is so powerful that not even its low fire rate could keep it from earning the best spot.

The Remington R5 is capable of consistently killing enemies in 3 shots, making it a beast on the battlefield.

One worthy contender is the FAD, with its high rate of fire and low recoil. Professionals assumed that the FAD would dethrone the Remington R5.

However, they didn’t take into account just how slow the movement speed with assault rifles was in the game.

This means that the FAD had to compete with SMGs, which had much better mobility and performed better.

When it comes to the most common attachments for assault rifles, players would often pair a foregrip with a red dot sight.

The former was used to improve accuracy while the latter was used to avoid using wonky and obstructive iron sights.

Another attachment the pros would use on big open maps is the muzzle brake instead of the foregrip.

This is because these maps were too focused on long-range combat, and having better damage is the key to winning encounters.

The Thermal Hybrid Scope is also quite popular since it helps you spot out enemies, with the ability to switch between red dot sights and thermal vision.

However, enemies could opt for the Incog perk to make themselves undetectable by thermal scopes.

Call of Duty Ghosts Best Guns: Sub-Machine Guns

The best SMG in the game is easily the Vector CRB. It combines high damage with a crazy rate of fire.

People would use the Vector and attach a foregrip and a muzzle brake for extra range and accuracy. This makes the Vector a force to be reckoned with even in the medium range.

However, the Vector CRB wasn’t always the best SMG. Right before it, the MTAR-X was the better option.

You could think of the MTAR-X as an assault rifle with SMG mobility.

This means that it was a very popular choice due to its versatility. In fact, it is still quite popular and some professionals stuck with it even after the Vector CRB buff.

When it comes to the best attachments for SMGs, combining a foregrip and a muzzle brake would help SMGs become more viable in the medium range.

You can substitute either one for a red dot sight if you feel like the iron sights are too obstructive.

Call of Duty Ghosts Best Guns: Shotguns

The most popular shotgun, the Bulldog, got banned halfway through Ghosts’ life cycle due to it being overpowered.

However, some professionals tried to use the FP6 to some success. While it can’t hold a candle to the Bulldog, it’s still a great weapon to use when defending closed areas.

When it comes to shotgun attachments, most of them are great. You have the ability to equip slugs on your shotgun so that it becomes viable in long ranges.

You can also equip extended mags to avoid reloading. Using a foregrip can also be helpful. However, there are no best attachments for shotguns. It’s mostly up to personal preference.

Call of Duty Ghosts Best Guns: Sniper Rifles

There are two sniper rifles that are equally great. The rest of the sniper rifles were banned, unfortunately.

The USR has more mobility and better handling than the L115. However, it’s less consistent and is more likely to give you hitmarkers rather than kills due to its lower damage.

The L115 is more consistent, but that consistency comes at the price of slightly worse mobility and handling.

As for the attachments, using a thermal scope can help you identify your targets and pick them off more easily.

Call of Duty Ghosts Best Guns: Light Machine Guns

Light machine guns in Call of Duty Ghosts are different from the rest of the weapons. They have larger magazines and take much longer to reload.

This makes them perfect for holding out pressure points. You can use them to suppress your enemies and control choke points quite effectively.

The Chain SAW is probably one of the most unique weapons in this class and the best at suppressing the enemy.

It is a weapon that you can’t ADS with. It has a laser sight, which improves accuracy, and the more you hold your fire, the more stable it becomes.

This weapon comes in especially handy in modes such as blitz, domination, and kill confirmed.

Call of Duty Ghosts Best Guns: Pistols

Pistols are niche weapons that can be extremely useful in certain situations. In some cases, they can be even better than the other weapons in the game.

Let us take a look at what makes pistols so unique and useful in Call of Duty Ghosts.

For starters, pistols offer the best mobility in the game. This means that you can use them to get from point A to point B quickly.

Additionally, they have the fastest swap speed, making them a great weapon to switch to instead of reloading your main weapon.

Lastly, they have the fastest ads speed, which further cements the pistols’ role as a quick, plan B option for when things go south, and you can’t rely on your primary weapon.

With that out of the way, the best pistol in the game is the M9A1. It has the best overall stats and is the most versatile and easy to use out of the other pistols.

Thanks to its high magazine capacity, low recoil, decent damage, and range, the M9A1 will rarely let you down when you reach out to it in clutch situations.