Gather Network Is Here to End Ads’ Monopoly

Gather Is Here to End Ads’ Monopoly

The idea of transforming ideas into resonant stories is a skill that has recently taken over the market. Blockchain tech innovations are radical and disruptive in the industry, and new platforms rely on the same for efficiency.

We have a few platforms helping creators gain monetary benefits, but that depends on a few conditions – popularity, ads, content quality, etc. As for ads, it is frustrating for the creator to look for ad providers and for the user to have ads interrupting the content.

It is why people eagerly embrace innovative ways/tools that solve the issue of these ads popping up on a site’s interface and Gather certainly registers as one of such.

What is Gather Network?

Gather Network is a next-gen content monetization platform with a blockchain network empowering both content creators/publishers and web users.

It presents a collaborative ecosystem with facilities for publishers to monetize content with fewer or no ads and instead allows them to generate revenue via users’ idle processing power.

Hence, users enjoy ad free experience while reclaiming their long-lost privacy and creators gain passive income to operate their businesses.

On the other hand, the businesses and developers also get to access the content through Gather Cloud with reliable processing power; plus, it is affordable.

How Will Gather End Ads’ Monopoly?

Monopoly is created when there is absolutely no competition for the portals in the market like YouTube and Google, both of which have been accused of abusing their dominance for some time now with too many ads, reduced privacy, low pay-outs, etc.

Gather Network gives control to the content creators and helps them gain money with less to no ads, which is an obvious step against the monopolistic dominance.

The control of how ads are displayed on smartphones and/or PCs has been largely in the hands of centralized entities. However, with Gather, an internet user can leverage the computing power at their disposal through the integration of a simple code.

When you deploy the POS model with the Gather Blockchain framework, the operational costs reduce, and staking is introduced, adding more value to the coin.

Apart from that, the network is also secured. It is built on blockchain technology which makes the creation of a decentralized internet a reality.

Decentralized internet comes without paywalls, subscription model, and ad tracking, and here, the user can control monetization.

Why Publishers Will Benefit from It

As centralization is taken out of the way through the use of Gather Network, publishers are able to generate revenue in crypto as visitors engage with their ad-free digital content.

The platform uses the ERC-20 standard for the operations right now, and with their Minerva release, the portal will transfer the users to the Gather chain.

ERC-20 holders will go through a process termed a coin swap process at a 1:1 ratio. More so, Gather’s tendency to boost users’ experience places publishers in a better stead to make more profits off their contents as the latent processing power is tapped.

How Gather Will Monetize Sites

You might be wondering how revenue will be generated with ads being limited or not allowed on a Gather-integrated website. Well, the answer lies in the use of in-browser mining, which eventually allows publishers and developers to obtain $GTH, Gather’s native token

It should be noted that the income pool depends on the number of visitors visiting the monetized website and the time they spend on it.

On the other hand, aside from making some profits through sharing their idle computing power, those who visit websites can get rewarded with $GTH through Gather’s loyalty program.

How to Make A Gather Wallet and Transfer Funding Using AscendEX

Gather utilizes a hybrid protocol layer that consists of proof-of-work and proof-of-staking blockchain systems.

The tokens garnered by publishers and website visitors are currently deposited to the GTH wallet addresses specified by the publishers (on Ethereum network as GTH is an ERC20 token for now). You can create such a wallet via Metamask, Trust Wallet or similar.

Since GTH coins are altcoins, it is possible to transfer them to an exchange platform of choice, and AscendEX is a creditable avenue to do this.

AscendEX enables users to conveniently trade more than 200 cryptocurrencies – including GTH – into fiat currency at standardized and realistic rates.

GTH is also available on Uniswap, Bithumb Global, and Hoo Exchange.

If you want to transfer your GTH coins to fiat currency, you can use, you can proceed to make the transaction by following the instructions given through the site.